Nothing to do with Islam
Berlin Christmas Market Attack

#1 dumb infidel country

According to an Oxfam study, very few rich western countries have taken action to resettle nearly five million Syrian refugees living in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. Fewer than 130,000 Syrians have been resettled so far, in spite of promises by western countries to take action and do more.

Canada ranked in first place of all western countries in terms of the number of Syrians it has resettled since the refugee crisis unfolded. As of December 10, 2015, the Trudeau government has welcomed 37,402 Syrian refugees, of whom 20,110 were government-assisted refugees, 13,481 privately sponsored refugees and 3,811 blended visa office-referred refugees. The Syrian refugee resettlement initiative was the centrepiece of Justin Trudeau’s election campaign.

[Emphasis mine.]

This "good deed" will soon be punished quite severely.


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