MAGA or not
Silver melts

"Too Close to Call"

Right now in: NH, VA, NC, and FL. Good news for Trump.

Trump must win the last two of those four states to survive for now. If he wins the last three, then it's over for Crooked Hillary.

If he takes all four, then the gloriously epic Trumpslide is on.

Update 1
Wow. Hillary tweeted this a few minutes ago. 

Yesterday, she had cancelled her fireworks show for today. And she was campaigning in Michigan! She likely knew! President Trump in 2017!

Update 2
The New York Times has a very neat page: Check it out.

It's not a big surprise to see Michigan tilting towards Trump. I was puzzled when Hillary visited the state a day before the election. That was a big tell. According to Nate Silver, she had a 79% chance of winning that state. Now, not so much.

Update 3
Trump wins Flordia.

Trump leading by a strong 125k margin in North Carolina with 82% reporting.

And Trump leading in Michigan.

Update 4
Holy shit. Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are both in play with Trump leading!

Trump has 79% chance of winning presidency according to New York Times!

The political and financial meltdown tomorrow will be something to savour.


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