Abdul Razaq Ali Artan
The myth of equality

The phantom basis

Abdul Razaq Ali Artan left a message on facebook before activating Jihad Mode:

Law enforcement officials tell NBC News that Artan left behind a post on what appeared to be his Facebook page shortly before the attack, saying that assault on Muslims around the world "led to a boiling point. I can't take it anymore." The post ends: "By Allah, I am willing to kill a billion infidels in retribution for a single DISABLED Muslim/Musliman."

Epic fail. As of this moment, he has killed a grand total of zero infidels. The world is fortunate -- for the incompetence of most Muslims exceeds their hatred.

Non-muslims are being pushed like this over and over again in all corners of the globe. I see a major war ahead where tens of millions of Muslims will die. When competent infidels start snapping and thinking, "I'm willing to kill a billion Muslims in retribution for my murdered relatives," then the Islamic world is belatedly going to understand the efficiently lethal Western way of war.

The tragic thing is: the Muslims are asking for it.


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