Muslims heart Hitler
Losing precious power

Sagging significance

Alpha Game:

It's always amusing to see women who came to fame as a result of their looks decrying the importance of looks to female careers. We've grown accustomed to female eye candy on the news lamenting the fact that they're not taken seriously as journalists and news anchors once their looks fade, but the new trend of fading actresses jumping on the feminist activist bus is even more hypocritical.

What's really puzzling is when these top actresses make themselves ugly: tattoos, short hair, humongous weight gain, etc. Forget, main roles, they sabotage their chances of getting supporting spots in shows and movies.

Is it so difficult to emulate Angela Lansbury who had over 40 different roles in TV shows and movies after she turned 50? Of course, she didn't mutilate herself with tattoos, chop off her hair or turn into a whale.


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