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No freedom in Islam

Last year, a couple of thugs jumped Hussain. They beat him with a baseball bat; shattering a kneecap and breaking one hand.

Why? Because, Hussain is an ex-Muslim. In fact, his entire family left the death cult and embraced Christianity.

Oh, and he lives in Britain.

A British Christian convert who said he suffered “seven years of persecution” from Muslims has been forced to flee his home under armed guard amid fears for his safety. Nissar Hussain was with his family when police arrived and moved him to a safe place.

The police must have had some disturbing intel to take such a step.

What? I just, can't even...

Gates of Vienna:

For those of us who are used to Nice, Nice Norway, this clip from a Norwegian talk show is a delightful change of pace. The guest on the show — Hans Lysglimt Johansen, an entrepreneur, politician, and social commentator — went off-script concerning Donald Trump, thereby committing a serious breach of Jante Law.

The look on her face and then the ending. Fantastic! Watch it for yourself.

Islam is evil

The Sydney Morning Herald:

A man has been charged with raping a 15-year-old girl whom he had allegedly held against her will for a month at a house in Sydney's west.

The teenage victim met her alleged attacker, Rashadul Islam in a random encounter after leaving her residential out-of-home care facility last month.

I'm surprised. I would have guessed that Mr. Islam preferred pre-teens.

Anyway, let's see how the Aussies treat this garbage.

Schrodinger's Election


It’s Schrodinger’s election now: Hillary and Donald are each both President-elect and not President-elect, and they’ll stay that way until we open the box in a couple of days.

A few weeks ago, Trump had no chance. Now, it's too close to call. I've been following one particular poll for a few days. If Hillary does win, then this poll was spectacularly wrong. If Trump wins and by a similar margin, then these people will gain a lot of credibility.

I hope it's a repeat of 1980 when Reagan thrashed Carter.

Mild rape


Harvard University has suspended its men's soccer team after players made sexual comments about members of the women's team. A document uncovered by Harvard's student newspaper included ratings of the attractiveness of female players as well as sexually explicit comments.

Literally Hitlers.

The team, currently in first place in the Ivy League, will forfeit the rest of its games this season.


The discovery of sexually explicit comments made by male Harvard athletes is at the milder end of what has been dubbed US college "rape culture".

Mild rape is normal.

Last week after the original story came out, the female players in question said they were "appalled that female athletes who are told to feel empowered and proud of their abilities are so regularly reduced to a physical appearance".

I'm guessing that many of these women are under-5s.

All that matters is pussy

Toronto Star:

Tracey plans to wear a classic black one from the back of her closet, Cindy a blue favourite, and Lauren a grey number with blue pinstripes.

The Toronto women are part of a North-American wide movement called “pantsuit day,” women connected by a secret Facebook group, who plan to don the classic uniform of Hillary Clinton on U.S. election day, Nov. 8 in a quiet show of solidarity with her.

And here I thought that feminists were opposed to the pantriarchy.

Cindy Perry, a dual citizen who has lived in Toronto for the past eight years, said she sees the pantsuit as a “symbol of the progress” women have made.

All these vaginas are going to turn sour on Tuesday night when the election results pour in.

The dumb muzzie vote

Muslim Girl:

Our voices matter and our votes matter, especially with the possibility of Donald Trump as our next president. Here are the best #MyMuslimVote responses on Twitter.

You know what this means? Asinine drama! Out of the 8 responses, two are provided below.

Muslim girl - 1

Yeah, I also hate the fact that blacks kill each other at alarmingly high rates. Thanks for voting Trump.

Muslim girl - 2

I agree. Abolish public schools!

Won't you feel sorry for this Muslim girl?

Muslim Girl:

I came into the realm of mental illness – my unfortunate first step in adulthood. And I didn’t have support. It was so severe that sometimes I had states of complete, blank dissociation. Entire days were sometimes blurs. What was reality and what wasn’t? I didn’t know. What did I want and didn’t want anymore? I didn’t know.

Mental illness. Check.

It’s a different story that I now believe it’s important to question my faith and be okay with experiencing things and then deciding whether I want to continue them in my own way or not – but I really would’ve liked to come to that conclusion on my own without being raped.


He grabbed my arm and forced me back around.

“Hey, do you want something bigger inside you?”

“Umm. I’m not sure – I…I’ve never done this…Sex after marriage…Umm. I don’t know—”

Cleverly confused. Check.

There was a point where years of my feminist values and ideals started popping up and screaming in the back of my head. It’s rape! He’s raping you, why don’t you see that? Tell him to stop. Tell him you hate this, tell him you feel dirty and unclean – this is textbook rape!


I denied and questioned whether it was even rape for about a year after it happened.

See, that's the problem with a woman like you who is fucked in the head. You denied it was rape for a year. Now, you're saying that it was rape. Which is it? Even when he asked you directly if you wanted him inside, your response was: Um, Um, Um, I don't know, Um, Um, Um.

You didn't want to say "Yes!" and feel like a slut. So, you made him decide. Now, years later with intense regret and feeling like a dirty Muslim whore you're calling him a rapist.

I am ready to cut off a dick if I hear word of it being inside anything it’s not supposed to be. I’m ready to be the activist, to scream aloud for the right to myself.

I’m ready to fight tooth and nail to ensure this never happens again.

Oh, you must have put that horrible, evil "rapist" behind bars. So, that he doesn't "rape" another poor, innocent woman. Right?


Yesterday, I was watching Bearing's original video when a few minutes into it a takedown notice appeared.

This out-of-breath whale was blaming capitalism, patriarchy and racism for fatphobia! She was so serious when she said it. Still, a few audience members couldn't help but chuckle at that point.

I've met too many women like her. The ones who have serious character flaws or health issues but somehow the rest of the world just doesn't get how truly awesome they are.


A bitchy broad: Men can't handle a strong, independent woman.

A carousel rider: Men are afraid of her experience and women are jealous.

A Hindu woman: "If God doesn't support the equality of sexes, then that's a God I can't follow!" Sweet Lucifer.

An incompetent gal: All those vicious, nasty [competent] people are out to get her. Harassment! [Buckets of tears.]

An overweight woman: Those supermodels aren't real -- that kind of body is so unhealthy. Besides, don't judge a book by its cover. Real Men can't handle me. Oh, by the way, have you been to that cupcake shop that opened across the street? That stuff is to die for!

What's always amusing is other women who immediately lend a sympathetic ear to these harpies.

Look if you're fat, then it's likely that the combination of genetics, diet (refined carbs are cunts) and insulin resistance is making you fat. Gary Taubes and Jason Fung are the best authors on this topic. Learn how and why you're fat, then try to undo the cycle.

Don't be a moron by celebrating your fatness or, worse, by blaming the rest of healthy humanity. This is your flaw. Do your best to fix it.

Wakka Wakka Wakka Wakka

Finding phantom demons in the strangest of places:

To most gamers, Pac-Man inhales dots and does his best to avoid ghosts in the classic arcade game. To the Turkish Ministry of Youth and Sports, those ‘ghosts’ are actually veiled Muslim women and the game is a latent method of spreading Islamophobia around the world.

According to the Turkish government, Pacman:

“is a game of collecting veiled Muslim women. The Muslim women are figured as the virgins to be attacked.”

You've got to love the consistency of the Islamic world. Their arguments and conclusions are utterly unblemished by logic.

Failure of Western leaders

A former KGB spy has more sense than the demented clowns in Austria:

Putin made reference to a story out of Austria where an Iraqi migrant was not punished for raping a 10-year-old boy at a swimming pool in Vienna after he claimed it was a “sexual emergency” and that he didn’t understand the boy didn’t want to be raped.

“I can’t even explain the rationale – is it a sense of guilt before the illegal alien Muslim migrants? A society that cannot defend its children today has no tomorrow, it has no future,” warned Putin.

Here's another quote:


Putin knows the globalist game and he's not playing it.

A supremely addictive legal drug

Liquid luxury:

Ottawa’s newest Starbucks, which is to open Thursday on York Street in the ByWard Market, will be unique in Canada for the global chain and serve its most expensive premium drinks, including siphon-brewed coffee that costs $10 for a “grande” cup.

Moving from Saudi Arabia, one of the biggest changes I noticed is the volume of coffee the average person drinks in Canada. Students who have to have their coffee for solving homework. Dozens of drivers lining up outside a single shop for their morning fix. Colleagues leaving during lunch to grab a tiny cup of coffee -- often, generously asking if I want one.

Nope. Never had coffee and don't intend to. I don't even drink tea. I have trouble sleeping otherwise. I've tested this out; a single can of pop at 8 p.m. can keep me sharp awake for six hours. Unfortunately, many Canadians have built up such a resistance that they really need a few cups a day just to function normally.

The legalization of weed next year should be a lot of fun ...

The Undeniable Intersectionality of Contextualizing the Respective Incumbent

This is gold, infidels, GOLD:

Sheffield, in speaking about false equivalency, ironically makes one herself when she says that I “essentially said that the horrible French move to ban the ‘burkini’ is essentially on par with an anti-woman acid attack.” I did not say this, but rather I was attempting to explain to Sheffield’s white feminist thought is that both acts of violence are symptomatic of the patriarchal societies in which we live, manifest through different ways in different cultures. In this way, we cannot attribute the act to a religion through an orientalist lens of “us vs. them,” which Sheffield undeniably partakes in while in the same breath criticizing Donald Trump for it. Rather, it is incumbent upon intersectional feminism to contextualize such acts of violence against women to their respective societies.

One has to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars and get a useless credential to become this colossally stupid -- advanced stupid.

There is not a single gender issue unfolding within their [Islamic] societies that is not being tackled by the powerful women directly impacted by it. They don’t need non-Muslim white women from the other side of the world to pity them, rescue them, or, worse, use their issues to justify Western, often state-sanctioned, violence against Muslim women in non-Muslim countries.

Not a single gender issue? How about the "powerful" women of Saudi Arabia who:

I'm sure that there are some Saudi women who are "tackling" these issues. So far, they've utterly failed. But the real problem is all you white, infidel bitches who complain about sharia and feel sorry for women who're born into slavery Islam.

What's worse than a feminist? A Muslim feminist.

The funniest part:

Plus, some Muslim-majority countries have already beat the United States in achieving women’s milestones: several, including Pakistan, have already elected their first female heads of state, while we’re still debating whether to vote for our first woman president over a completely inexperienced raging male bigot.

Did you hear that? Pakistan beat the USA. Pakistan elected Benazir Bhutto in 1988. (Thanks to name recognition and nepotism -- her dad was a former prime minister.) Then, in 2007, the pakis assassinated that first vagina-holder to be ever elected as a Muslim head of state.

Achievement Unlocked! Take that America!

The benefits of migrating to the Dar al-Islam

Muslim Girl: 10 Things You’ll Love about Moving to a Muslim Country from America.

Wow. Some Muslims do have a sense of humor.

Here's my list:

1. Fags can learn to fly! Call ISIS for training.

2. Women are banned from driving. Very sensible.

3. Wife acting uppity? Thrash the bitch! It's perfectly legal.

4. No dogs. If you miraculously get one, then the state will kill it at no charge!

5. Gender apartheid for the win! Good news for men; protection from cooties.

6. Daughter acting slutty? Kill the whore! Then, have your family "forgive" you. No jail time.

7. What do you think of Dementors? Half our population looks like them! Every day is practically Halloween.

8. Paradise for pedophiles! Of course, buying marrying a girl younger than six is illegal. Hey, Muslims do have standards!

9. Need someone for menial work? No problem. We'll import labor from third world Asian countries and confiscate their passports. You'll have your own slaves personal assistants.

10. Total protection from filthy Jews and their writings. Customs officials will check your luggage and confiscate books written by Jewish authors. These are Muslim lands. No Einsteins and Feynmans allowed!