God-Emperor President Donald Trump Is On the Way
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Some choice comments from Canadian Leftist idiots:

So many of Trump’s “promises” are about attacking the perceived other. But how does he go about implementing them? How does he screen for Muslims? The only other example we have of religious ID laws in modern Western history is the Nazis.

You can taste the delicious tears in this one:

I can’t help reading tonights results, however they finally land, as a commentary on how deeply imbued misogyny is in American culture. Yes, the Clintons have a flawed history, but independent analysis after analysis found Hillary’s record is much more honest, progressive and real than her critcs — on both the left and right — ever afford. The false bias of this campaign played it part. How else would Trump have gotten this far.

But the mere fact a man so inherently unqualified, so terrifyingly trigger happy is this close to the presidency, has to have something to do with the fact that the electorate has a deep, subconscious discomfort with women in power. They are held to a higher standard, which we’ve seen time and again, and because Hillary isn’t perfect, she failed to meet the test.

I honestly don’t think any woman could have won if she couldn’t.


Worth emphasizing that white supremacists actively campaigned for Trump and he got the endorsement of the KKK’s newspaper. They think he’ll be incredibly friendly to them if he reaches the White House. So best case scenario a Trump presidency has legitimized a radical ideology that motivates more violent attacks in the United states than Islamic fundamentalism. Worst case he’d actually pass laws that would make it easier for them to expand, harm minorities.

Last one:

Among other things, we are all going to have to reconsider our views of Americans. I hate to put it that way. But if more than 50 per cent of Americans — meaning something like, what, 60 per cent of white Americans — could vote for a candidate whose pitch was, explicitly or implicitly but without any doubt, hostile to Muslims, contemptuous of Hispanics, condescending to Blacks, and suspicious of Jews, well, what is one to think?

And, it's only November 9. What a day. What a lovely day!


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