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Miserable Mournful Malignant Muslims

Muslim Girl: What Hurts Most About Trump Is His 59-Million-Strong Following.

The 59,131,346 who condemn me because I am Muslim.

The 59,131,346 who discriminate against me because I am Black/Brown.

The 59,131,346 who target me because I am a woman.

The 59,131,346 who attack me because I wear hijab.

That is what hurts. That is what’s dangerous. That is what makes me look over my shoulder as I walk to my car or to work or the grocery store. Those 59,131,346 are what make me call my family to make sure they are safe. What keeps me awake because what if they aren’t?

This says a lot about how Muslims view the average American. Interesting isn't it that even with all this "discrimination" and "attacks" Muslims all over the world still want to live in America.

If this girl was really serious, then she would leave the horrible US for any one of the 50+ lovely, peaceful, Muslim-majority countries in the world. The fact that she doesn't shows us that she's full of BS.


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