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Muslim Girl: So What Now? Muslim Girl Reflects on President-Elect Donald Trump.

This one is classic:

“In a weird way, I feel oddly more faithful? It’s like, now that you know just how bad this country is, you realize God is greater than everything.”

That's from a person named Nour Saudi.

I honestly didn’t care who won the election. Both were horrible choices. But what’s sad is how obvious it is that racism is still alive in this country. The Trump supporters will argue that they’re not racist, but when you vote for a racist, you’re a racist.

So, Trump is a racist and his supporters are racist. It's not explained how she came to this conclusion. What exactly did Trump say or do that makes him a racist? And how can the same people, who once voted for Obama, be racists?

Same logic: Hillary Clinton is corrupt. Therefore, her supporters [Muslims] are corrupt.

Of course, it doesn't end with just racism:

When you vote for a misogynist, you’re either a misogynist yourself, or a woman who’s okay with misogynists and being degraded as a female, or are so racist that you’re willing to look past that in order to get him into office.

One more:

What is the difference then between dictators and regimes Americans criticize and this? Voting? Voting means shit when it leads to an immoral, sexist, narcissistic, bigot sick minded white a** hole become “leader of the free world.” And western media have guts to criticize turkey for post-coup madness?

The next eight years of Trump will be fun. Oh yes, if Trump is anything like Reagan, then he'll increase his margins in 2020. MAGA!


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