Muzzie morals
Treacherous infidels

Fake hate in fake news

Bare Naked Islam: How many more news stations are going to promote the CAIR scam about an anti-Muslim hate letter allegedly sent to three mosques by a unidentified ‘Islamophobe’.

Almost all of them. Hey, it fits the racist, intolerant Trump's America narrative.

And how many more times are we going to have to point out that the letter uses the same language that is widely used by Muslims (and easily found all over Twitter and Facebook) about unbelievers, and is being used in this case, over and over, to elicit pity for Muslim from the public and the media (even moreso after an Islamic terror attack).

The "mothers are whores" and "fathers are dogs" is the way Muslims insult each other. CAIR ought to fire that incompetent fake infidel who wrote the letter.

Isn't the world absurd? A Muslim uses a car and a knife to attack people but we're supposed to believe that the assault has nothing to do with Islam. On the other hand, Americans haven't gone on a rampage to slaughter Muslims. So, CAIR and their lapdogs manufacture mean, terrible, no-good letters to prove just awful and terrible America is.


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