Crooked Hillary and her lapdogs
Immigration is rape culture

Teach rapefugees to, er, not rape

NDL News:

A SYRIAN migrant accused of brutally and repeatedly raping his wife and severely abusing his own three-year-old child has told a court he did not know it was illegal to force her to have sex with him.

Assaulting the wife is not a crime in many Muslim nations. Why? Because, it's sanctioned by Islam.

The prosecution claims Abdul violently forced his wife, 25, to have sex with him on four occasions. If she spurned his advances he would savagely beat her, in front of his children, in a room of a refugee camp that used to be a hotel in Schöneberg, Berlin, the court heard.

Hitting children is the norm as well. Both at home and in school. In my entire extended family, I know for sure of only one aunt and uncle who didn't thrash their children. Unfortunately, on too many occasions, I witnessed the violent punishments from the rest of the family. I knew of one uncle who beat his wife. Nobody did anything to help the poor woman.

Once incident, which took place while waiting for food in a queue, saw the Syrian throw his three-year-old son on the ground and kick the boy until two men pulled him away.

This is the love Muslims show their own flesh and blood. Now, try to imagine the compassion they would show to the hated infidels.


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