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Incomprehensible twisted logic

Pay no attention to the religion

Can Nazis Be Strong Allies of the Jewish Community?

That's about as sensible a question as asking, "Can Muslims Be Strong Allies of the LGBTQ Community?"

[...] I hope we can all agree that it’s about time that the Muslim international community comes to term with the fact that Muslims who identify as members of the LGBTQA community are continuously discriminated against, verbally and physically abused (sometimes even BURNED to death) and relegated to the corners of society stamped as “disgusting.”

Here's comes the cowardly obfuscation.

The purpose of this article was not to reach a consensus on whether homosexuality is forbidden or permissible in Islam. I am not a scholar and do not have the years and years of learning required to issue a ruling.

If the title wasn't enough, then this is where the entire article falls apart. There is one thousand and fourteen hundred years of consensus. Ten countries today punish homosexuals with death. Guess what they all have in common?

Here's an imam (in Florida of all places) telling us that death is the compassionate sentence for gays.

The author is also a comedian:

I understand if you don’t believe that homosexuality is permissible in Islam — and you are entitled to your beliefs, but we can all agree that Islam places greater emphasis on loving people than on chastising them.

(Laughs.) Yeah, that's what Muslims have been spreading all over Europe and the US in this century: LOOOVE.

I find it amazing how "moderate" Muslims lie to themselves. Their religion calls for fragging fags. Yet, here's this idiot who doesn't know for sure what Islam says about that.


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