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Offensive Halloween Costumes

Muslim Girl:

My second favorite holiday that I don’t celebrate is Halloween. I love how people get into costume and character. Plus, the candy is sweeter right around that time. It is also that time of year when I have to school you on what lines you have to be careful not to cross.

What's worse than an SJW? A Muslim SJW.

Now if you see someone dressing up as something offensive, tell them immediately! Halloween should not be an exception to use your privilege and culturally insensitive for one day of the year.

Don't you hate it when idiots culturally appropriate English and then butcher the grammar?

Anyway, the following are a few costume / clothing suggestions for Halloween. I've arranged them in order of decreasing difficulty.

11. Goddess Kali. Heidi Klum's assistants definitely put some time and effort here.

11. Kali Heidi Klum

10. Moderate muzzie male. He comes in peace!

10. moderate muzzie male

9. Do you love lions? Then, this costume is for you!

9. killer driller

8. Cool vest, Acchhhmed! Wanna bring it to the White House?

8. moderate muzzie kid

7. Sexy Arab gal. I can see her ankles: SLUT!



7. sexy arab girl

6. Moderate muzzie female.

6. moderate muzzie female

5. George Soros.

5. George Soros mask

4. Hara... I just, can't even...

4. harambe

3. Save a goat t-shirt.

3. save a goat

2. Oops.

2. poopy muhammad

1. Supreme eloquence.

1. fuck islam


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