Next week: How to romance a tarantula

No clarity in polling

Real Clear Politics puts up various presidential polls every day. Today, Thursday, Oct. 13, one poll has Clinton up by 10 while another has Trump up by 6.

Of course, they both can't be correct. It's likely that they're both wrong. Is this going to turn out like Brexit when most polls showed a lead for Remain when the actual vote was the opposite -- and not close?

Are statistically significant numbers of Americans fibbing to the pollsters by saying that they support Hillary just so that they don't appear to be one of those racist, pussy-groping, deplorables?

We'll find out next month.

It's worse than I thought:

I made a prediction about a year ago that if there was to be poll rigging by the media and polling outfits, this would be the year they’d try to get away with it. Why? Because Trump is THAT BIG A THREAT to the existing globalist order.

Here’s objective, hard proof that the polls are rigged, by way of examination of the most recent NBC/WSJ poll which claims to have found an 11-point lead for thecunt.


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