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Islamophobic attacks on Muslim women!

Muslim Girl:

The 26-year-old mother of two was shot to death by her husband, Ahmed Mohamed Abdela on Oct. 23 in Richardson, T.X. Her family said he killed her after she had moved away from him to escape his abuse and violence, according to KDFW-TV (Fox 4).

This is the third Muslim woman murdered by her Muslim husband in the Dallas area in the last year. Who knew so many Muslim guys were "Islamophobic"! Where's CAIR when you need them!?

Director of the Islamic Learning Foundation in Texas Sheikh Omar Suleiman wrote on Oct. 25 that a week ago, Muslims mocked him for another Friday sermon on domestic violence. The death of three Muslim women within one year on the hands of abusive spouses is apparently a funny subject to many Muslims.

Of course, it's hilarious. These Muslims know that Islam codifies the beating of women. Obviously, they're going to mock a stupid "progressive" lecture from a dim Muslim.

Furthermore, Islam has a fourteen hundred year history of violence, slaughter, rape and conquest. Writing sentences like these won't convince anyone:

Islam does not tolerate violence or the killing of people, no matter what their gender, race, or religion is.

(Laughs.) Keep on lying to yourself, you silly Muslima. It won't save the life of even one Muslim girl.


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