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Crooked Muslims

Muslim Girl:

We had record numbers in 2008: 89 percent of American Muslims voted for Barack Obama. But, we can’t stop there. Our work is far from over.

Yeah, you're going to ruin America even more.

This year, your vote will cast a side — not just for Republican or Democrat, not just liberal or conservative, or left or right. This election, your vote casts a side for gender equality, incarceration, public education, justice, and human dignity.

Acceptance and celebration of our religion for God’s sake — that’s on the freakin’ ballot.

Oh, the melodrama. Let's look at those points.

Gender equality: This is a joke right? Women are required to cover themselves with garbage bags in Arabia and Iran. Even in places like "moderate" Malaysia, the punishment is public whippings for girls who stand too close to their boyfriends.

Incarceration: Anyone who "jokes" about ISIS or Islam is thrown behind bars in Muslim societies. Critiquing Islam is punishable by death. As for the Muslim immigration issue, why is it that oil-rich, Islamic countries like UAE and Saudi Arabia are not accepting their poor, hapless "brothers" from Syria?

Public education: Trump is magically against the public education system?

Justice: Muslims have 54 majority countries. They enforce strict border controls and, to a certain degree, Islamic law --  the distilled evil known as sharia. Americans have just as much a right to close their borders and make their country Christian-only or Infidel-only. Their is no compromise on this issue because the very nature of Justice has a different meaning for Muslims and non-Muslims. If Muslims really like their idea of justice, then they should stay the fuck out of the West.

Human dignity: Please. Islam mandates that those who leave Islam should be killed. Their is no freedom of thought, religion or expression in Islam. Hence, no human dignity.

What's amusing about all this is that an insincere Muslim woman is openly calling for her supporters to vote for a woman. The very concepts of democracy, voting and a woman as a leader are incongruent with Islam.

Of course, a woman was once voted in as a leader in a Muslim country. It didn't end well for her.


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