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Professor of Ethics Ann Heberlein has argued that blonde people in Sweden are subjected to racist abuse and violence from “people with a non-European appearance”.

Impossible. Colored people can't be racist.

After arguing that all “all people, regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and political opinion” should have a right to respect and safety in public, Ms. Heberlein was told by these “anti-racists” it is impossible for her to be a victim of racism because, as a white woman, she is “privileged”.


Ms. Heberlein points to two horrific instances which people argue were hate crimes but notes they were not treated this way by the public prosecutor.

One of these is the beheading of a mother and murder of her son in IKEA, where the Eritrean perpetrator admitted choosing his victims because they “looked Swedish”. Ms. Heberlein also drew attention to a violent gang rape in Strängnäs, where the attackers taunted their victim, saying “I’m gonna f*** you, little Swedish girl”.

Hey, we got to be respectful of their culture.


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