What difference at this point does it make?
Waking up to war

Standing in the way of love

Mail Online:

A Muslim leader who wants to to be allowed to have a second wife has been told by his current spouse that she is fine with it.

Keysar Trad, who is president of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, said it was natural for men to have more than wife and that it was better to have two wives than to divorce the first.

Mr Trad called for the part of Shariah law that allows for men to have up to four wives to be accepted in Australia and admitted that he wanted a second wife.

[Emphasis mine.]

Come on Australia. Today polygamy, tomorrow pre-teen sex slaves.

Also, an Australian TV show provides an informative look into this sharia vortex in which girls as young as 13 are shipped back to their Islamic countries and married off.


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