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Short temper

Only in Islam:

He was heard shouting: 'Those wearing shorts must die!'

The suspect allegedly attacked 23-year-old Ayşegül Terzi, who works as a nurse, and kicked her in the face, reports said.

There is evidence.

The attack was caught on CCTV and apparently shows the beating incident.

So, what was his punishment?

The 35-year-old had confessed during his interrogation to attacking the woman but was released by the court after it decided that no crime had been committed.

Can you imagine any Western nation where a guy kicks a girl in the face unprovoked and it's on video but the police simply free the thug?

I can't.

According to Prime Minister Zoolander of Canada, we should import specimen like these. Why? Because die-versity is strength.

Ban the trash

The multipurpose garment that is hijab:

A brazen thief was caught red-handed after shoving a huge loot into her hijab as she tried to shoplift.

The woman is captured on camera being confronted by members of staff at the supermarket and is told to hand over the stolen goods.

She unloads a huge stash of at least nine items, including what appears to be a big bottle of Fairy liquid.

You can put a lot in a garbage bag. In a sharia state, she would have had her hand chopped off. Here, they just let the bitch walk away.

Crossing the modern Rubicon

Muslim Girl:

On Thursday, Marc Jacobs concluded New York Fashion Week with his Spring 2017 show. However, the woke side of the Internet is offended because of one particular reason.

All the models (the majority of whom are white) wore fake dreadlocks. The line was crossed when the lead stylist could not point out a Black person.


Another problem is that the people who steal these customs do not understand the meaning of what they are wearing or doing, but are only doing it because it “looks cute.”

[Emphasis mine.]

Just in case, it wasn't clear:

For example, if tribal prints give off a trendy feel for the upcoming season, hire Native American models. Afros will top off a look? Hire black models with natural hair! Does Southeast Asian attire blow you away? Easy! Hire Southeast Asian models! It does not get simpler than representation.

Asinine. People, of all sorts of colors, have been modelling Western style clothing in Europe and the US for decades. How many SJWs stood up and said, "Hey, don't use colored people for your clothing. Whites only, please."

How many? Zero. Apparently that "theft" was perfectly okay.

More on the BS concept of cultural appropriation.

Poor boys

We have a (white) man-hating culture where even mothers abuse their sons.

Speaking of abuse:

DOMESTIC violence against men has trebled in the past decade, shocking official figures reveal. A record 5,640 wives and girlfriends were convicted of assaulting their male partners last year — up from 1,850 in 2007.

A horror story:

She began kicking me and I was telling her to clam down and was trying to hold her away from me. She was screaming and out of control. Two guys came out of the pub and began attacking me.

Because equality.

After that I told her to get help but she refused so I went to the police.

“The police were unwilling to help and I eventually dropped charges and ended our relationship.”

Some women deserve a beating. They won't learn, otherwise.

The basic stuff

Chicago Boyz:

I try to promote financial literacy and have helped many friends and some family members when they ask questions. Ideally we would actually drive financial literacy through school and into the university. Even those who have a degree in finance or accounting often lack practical advice on personal finance and don’t know how to approach these issues.

A colleague of mine asked me about stock market returns some year ago. I told him that it averages 8% in the long run. So, if you invest a $100,000, then in ten years--

"You'll have made $80,000," he said.

Sigh. Is compound interest that difficult?

Follow the money

I couldn't help but laugh at 1:39.

Here's the relevant text from Gates of Vienna:

1:39 My problem is Italy. And Switzerland. I don’t need those two countries!

Yup. A genuine refugee who has a "problem" with first world countries like Italy and Switzerland. Why might that be ...

1:42 Just Germany! I want to apply for asylum there!

1:52 And why do you want to apply for asylum in Germany?

1:55 Because in Germany you get 350 Euros,

Oh I'm sure educated men like these will help the German economy. Merkel said so!

Muslims Hardest Hit

So many different bombs are going off and low-level attacks taking place in the US that it becomes a blur. It's like Germany in late July 2016.

Gateway Pundit: St. Cloud ISIS Terrorist Identified: DAHIR ADAN – Knifed 9 People – Born in Somalia.

Infidel Bloggers Alliance: Ahmad Khan Rahami: Naturalized US citizen from Afghanistan sought in NYC blast.

[...] we let this fucker in! yeah We invite them into our national home and our neighborhood homes and onto our front porches and into our malls.

More barbarians are coming to America, thanks to President Hussein.

Crooked and Crazy


Hillary thanks a woman for shattering STI stigma.

As a strong, empowered, and vaginally adventurous woman in The Current Year, she is very proud of having contracted a sexually transmitted disease, so proud that she wants everyone else to pat her on the back for fucking a battalion of dirty-dicked jerkboys (probably half of them black).


The real story here is Hillary Clinton aka Illary, who is now so mentally rekt by her neurological illness that she thinks genital herpes acceptance is a winning campaign issue.


Half asleep

The Independent:

A new study from sociologists at the University of Minnesota, which analysed Americans’ perceptions of minority faith and racial groups, found that their disapproval of Muslims has almost doubled from about 26 per cent 10 years ago to 45.5 per cent in 2016.

This means that half of the surveyed Americans are idiots.

Not Another Khan!

The Signal:

When Georgia’s anti-mask laws were scrawled into state code some 60 years ago, supportive legislators sought to curb anonymous violence by hooded Ku Klux Klansmen. But first-year Georgia State student Nabila Khan never guessed such a law would bring into question her niqab, a veil worn by some Muslim women which covers everything but the eyes.

The university backed down thanks to the terrorists CAIR.

And Khan has no intention of suppressing her religious expression. She said her parents well-prepared her for potential cultural friction. “They told me society is pretty hard right now, and I’m going to deal with things like I’ve dealt with in college,” she said.

Damn you "society"! Why can't you be more accepting of people who cover their faces like the KKK?

Also, check out Bare Naked Islam for commentary and images on this matter.

Krooked Khan

The Muslim mayor of Londonistan:

“People shouldn’t have to drop their cultures and traditions when they arrive in our cities and countries”.

I wanted to provide simple commentary but the article beat me to it:

The United Kingdom, and especially areas of East London which overwhelmingly voted for Mr. Khan, is currently suffering from Muslim ghettoisation, horrific employment rates for Muslim women, an internal debate surrounding the banning of the burka, and ongoing issues such as female genital mutilation, anti-Semitism, and homophobia within Muslim communities.

Under Mr. Khan’s plans, none of these “cultures and traditions” would need to be dropped for Muslim migrants to Western countries.

Of course. It's the Western culture which must yield to the barbarians.

Fool's hope

From a former refugee relief worker:

Real problems that required immediate solutions were being downplayed and sugar-coated. Female colleagues were spat upon just because they were women. And, coincidentally, on the very day it came out that I am Jewish, a tire on my car was slashed.

The Muslims think that Jews are evil. They're wrong.

Jews are stupid. There's 1400 y ears of Islamic atrocities against nonbelievers -- especially Jews! And this Jewish moron thought that he could somehow be completely unscathed. Frankly, I'm surprised that it was only his car that got slashed.

Muslims are angels


A columnist for a state-run newspaper in Egypt has suggested the US invented Isis and set up the 9/11 attacks to justify its military interventions in the Middle East.

I was told that the airplanes on 9/11 were remote controlled by the US government and then deliberately used to wreak havoc. Why? To start a war against Muslims, of course.

Who told me this? My dad.

"[Perhaps Western] intelligence elements are behind the attacks and the bombings, and later Muslim citizens are arrested and killed and simply accused of perpetrating [the attacks] in order to justify what is happening in the Arab countries in the name of the war on terror, and in order to justify the plan to persecute the Muslims in the U.S. and Europe and expel them? Have we really been deceived, and continue to be deceived, to such an extent?!”

The Western countries, er, invite millions of Muslims and then they concoct terror attacks and a terror network to ultimately, er, kick out the Muslims.

That's some serious schizophrenic evil.


What really matters:

Among young adults, emojis have even become a distinct and separate language, far removed from the limiting constraints of letters that some just can’t be bothered to type out.

However, as wonderful and beneficial as emojis have become in our communication with one another, they don’t always lend themselves to the diversity and beautiful cultural variety that exists in the real world — this has started to change.

It was a more than a year ago that Apple added different skin tones to its emoji app, an important add-on that that allowed those who use emojis in their texts to represent themselves in a more accurate manner.

Oh, I laughed out loud so much at this image:

Sharia emoji

I like this die-versity. I'm looking forward to these emojis:

  1. Bacha baazi.
  2. Guy killing a dog.
  3. Acid-burned face.
  4. A woman holding a child's head.
  5. An exquisite, floating, black garbage bag.

All in the name of cultural variety, of course.

Islam means peace

Perfidious Muslims cry victim every time someone in the West merely disagrees with them or looks at them disapprovingly. This is what real hatred looks like:

Modernity grazed the 7th century when a lost cell phone turned up in the hands of a sectarian street thug ready for Sharia justice against its owner. The sim card showed a video of a 36-second skit mocking ISIS terrorists praying to Allah. Found by Muslims who became offended by the “blasphemy”, the Egyptian courts overlooked the violent retaliation by the gang prompted to attack homes and businesses and instead arrested the boys and their teacher.

 Their punishment for making fun of ISIS:

[...] on May 27, 2015, the boys were released on bail, and February of this year they were sentenced to prison for five years. They were allowed to pay a two thousand pound fee per student to temporarily suspend the verdict’s start date because they were not present at the sentencing.

Fortunately, they eventually escaped. They're taking refuge in Switzerland.

Won't you feel sorry for the poor Muslim girl?

Like, srsly:

My cousin and I went into the bathroom to take shameless selfies and do some lipstick touchups when a white man walked into the bathroom. My cousin and I were surprised, and as we left the bathroom, she said, “That’s not cool, dude.”

This man’s girlfriend, who was in the bathroom as well, walked out and followed us and said:

“Did you just tell my boyfriend he’s not cool? You’re not cool. You’re from f**** India.” I quickly took out my phone and asked her to repeat what she said, and recorded it.

The money quote:

This is a drunk, racist couple who could physically hurt us.

(Laughs.) The video and the following statement negate the physical threat:

We told the receptionist about what happened, and he followed the racist couple outside, along with security and my brother’s friend who overheard the last part of the scuffle.

Yup. That drunk, racisss couple was walking away. They were leaving! But, you know, they could physically hurt the Muslims.

It gets better. The police showed up.

“Okay, good, the police are here,” I thought. “He will protect us,” I thought. “I’m sure he will arrest them because we felt threatened.”

BadFeelz. BadFeelz. BadFeelz. Arrest! Arrest! Arrest!

“Sorry, we can’t do anything. This is freedom of speech,” he said. “What do you want me to do? It’s his right,” the police officer firmly told us.


Her “freedom of speech” was protected, yet my cousin and I felt threatened by her hate speech.

Where's the fainting couch when you need one?

I prayed that they [her kids] never face such hatred and racism, and for God to keep to them safe always. I promised myself that I would keep teaching them about love, and to respect other people’s differences, and get to know people who look different than them.

The irony: believes in a hateful religion and prays to an evil "God". What a drama queen.

Anyway, nothing says "love" and "respect other people's differences" like pushing to get them arrested. Am I right?

Choosing blissful ignorance

Isn't this a shock:

A woman employed teaching English to migrants with so-called refugee status has revealed students have no interest in learning the language or getting a job, and are mostly interested in the benefits they can extract from taxpayers.

Duh. Why bother going to classes, learning a language, mastering a craft and working hard when you can just cry RACISM, get benefits, grope a few infidel bitches and live like pampered parasites?

These races and cultures can't maintain their own societies. Yet, Europeans imported these failures into their own nations and now, magically, expect them to support their Civilization? Dumb and dumber.

Speaking of which:

Germany's blue-chip companies will have to explain to Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday why they have managed to hire fewer than 100 refugees after around a million arrived in the country last year.

Merkel, fighting for her political life over her open-door policy, has summoned the bosses of some of Germany's biggest companies to Berlin to account for their lack of action and exchange ideas about how they can do better.

Out of every 10,000 refugees, one (1!) is capable of working for the top firms in Germany. Where's an alchemist when you need one!

Hijabi clowns

I was thinking about buying some curtains and as luck would have it, these lovely girls showed up modelling the damn things!

Lovely curtains

Hmm, I can't seem to decide which one I like the least. Probably, the gaudy tornado (second from the left). Anyway, do you notice the ankles on the far right? Tsk, tsk, tsk. That calls for a flogging.

Seriously, these idiots take what's sharia oppression and grotesquely turn it into fashion. At the very center of Islam, this is what all women must wear -- all-black abayas; even during the summer when temperatures can exceed 50 degrees Celsius.


Quarter of a Quarter

Vox Day:

[...] facts are observably incapable of persuading MOST of the US population. Their minds are not changed by the receipt of new information, regardless of how accurate it may be. As much as 80 percent of the population is totally impervious to observation, statistics, eyewitness testimony, genetic science, and documentary evidence.

Here in Canada, within the context of political knowledge, I've noticed that about 75% of the people don't have an understanding of the basics. Plus, they're not even interested in decreasing their ignorance. Presenting information to them would be like putting an encyclopedia in front of a squirrel. It's a waste of time and it makes you look stupid.

Of the remaining who follow and get the current politics, 75% either go with the flow or they're too deeply indoctrinated by the lovely cuddly socialist paradise that is Canada.

That leaves 6.25% of the Canadian total who can be reasoned with. That's close to the US estimate that Vox concludes with in his post.

Can you feel the peace?

CIJ News:

Alb Effe, 28, was stabbed to death near York University on September 13, 2016 by 31 year old Alijan Arif Khan after getting into an argument over religion.

Khan was simply enforcing sharia. If Effe had argued against Islam or disagreed with the perfection of Procunt Muhammad in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, etc., then his punishment would have been death.

Islam is good. If you disagree, then you die.

ISIS vs. al-Qaeda

Recently, three women were arrested in France for an ISIS-inspired plan. Another Islamic terrorist groups has something to say about that:

In a new publication, al-Qaeda tells its male followers to keep women away from terrorist attacks and stop them from being part of any operations in France. The call, which appeared in the third issue of “Inspire,” an online publication al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula puts out, was in reference to the recent news of three Muslim women being arrested in France for allegedly planning an attack.

So, does this mean that ISIS is, er, progressive?

Where are the anti-al-Qaeda feminists? Why are they not against this terrorism-gender-gap?

Most Canadians are Idiots

CBC News:

Amidst the chaos of downtown Hamilton's Supercrawl festival Friday night, sat a small booth with a simple sign — "Ask a Muslim."

Only one "deplorable" showed up:

One man did visit the booth who had "racist views," Datardina said, who couldn't understand that there's no real concept of race within Islam, and who "had a hard time with that."

True. Muslims are not of one race.

[...] it's also necessary to look around in Canada for political statements that can fan the flames of racism, he says. Take the last federal election, when the niqab became a focal point of the debate.

"When someone from the mainstream political parties ratchets up the rhetoric, it does result in more attacks on Muslims. It enables a kind of racism," he said.

Of course. No "race" in Islam. But if you attack a Muslim, then you're racisss!

"I was overwhelmed by the amount of people who were commending us for just being there and having the conversation."

That's because a) almost all Islamic terrorist attacks in Canada have been prevented, and b) most people are idiots (MPAI).

Useful Aussie Infidels

Daily Mail:

Muslim residents caused road closures outside Lakemba Mosque, in Sydney's south-west, as they participated in the Eid Al Adha prayer, which marks the end of the annual pilgrimage or Hajj to the Saudi holy city of Mecca.

Between 20,000 and 30,000 men and women were pictured standing stoically on prayer mats laid across Wangee Road, which was closed between 5am and 9am, with sounds of prayers echoing through the streets as an Imam lead the service from inside the mosque.

That's right infidels. Not only can't you drive out through the streets but you'll also be subjected to filthy Islamic noise pollution. We know Muslims do this everywhere when they are in sufficient numbers. The real culprit here is the Aussie government. Why does it allow this?

Anyway, don't you think that this photo just oozes peace?

Bitches in their place

Islam respects women

From India:

Issac visited the Markaz Law College in Kerala on August 18 to distribute prizes and during the ceremony the state minister shook hands with some of the award-winning students.

Ahsani showed one of the photographs of her shaking hands with the minister while delivering a speech on how Muslim men and women should conduct themselves in public.

She shook hands with an infidel man!


We've got a true Muslim cleric on her case:

[...] it was highly improper on the part of an unmarried woman to do this. The cleric also criticised the college management for allowing such behaviour on the college campus.

Yeah. Muslims can travel to Europe where they can harass, grope, assault and rape women. But a dirty kafir shaking hands with a Muslima? Absolute no-no.

5000 percent evil

Muslim Girl:

Islam is a religion of peace and love, so every time I hear someone comparing Islam to 9/11, it makes me want to change people’s perspective of what they think Islam is, because what happened that day is exactly what Islam isn’t.

(Laughs.) The next sentence, again, shows that the idiot is living in fantasy land:

It’s really unfortunate that the media seems to be deliberately trying to make Muslims look bad; nearly all the headlines involving Muslims are negative in nature.

The media goes out of its way to blame whites, Christians, guns, NRA, men, toxic masculinity, etc. Even when an ISIS loving Muslim killed dozens in Florida, the initial narrative was anything but "blame the Muslim".


This is all part of what I believe to be anti-Muslim propaganda, to portray us as the enemy. It’s widely believed that the Department of Homeland Security was created after the 9/11 attacks in an effort to keep out Arab and Muslim populations.

DHS failed quite miserably.

The invasion of Afghanistan was also used as propaganda to convince the American people that Osama Bin Laden was somewhere out there in Central Asia, and whoever hid him (the entirety of the Afghan population) was to pay for it.

That's why America carpet nuked Afghanistan on September 12, 2001 because the entirety of the Afghan population was to pay for it. And, of course, invasion!

Is it just taqiya or do these Muslims seriously believe their own horse shit? Well, if you believe that the Procunt Muhammad was the perfect human, then anything is possible.

Even though the media makes Muslims out to be “terrorists” or “threats,” I will always remember that we are not taught to be that way. I’m hopeful that one day other people will learn this too, and people will have compassion towards Islam instead of fear.

The media doesn't make out anything. Muslims who truly follow their evil religion are commanded to be terrorists. That's what they've been doing for centuries. Just take a look at the last 15 years in the USA.

5000 percent

But remember! Islam is a religion of peace. And love. And unicorns.

Suicide hijab

A Muslim boxer wants to wear the hijab in the ring. Bare Naked Islam:

Does anyone else think this smells like another CAIR-inspired litigation stunt which will lead to a lawsuit against the USA Boxing Association if they refuse to allow her to wear this symbol of Muslim misogyny and supremacy?

Yup. But with her face, she should be allowed a full garbage bag.

Also, she is damn slow.

The Males and Females of Oppression

Not the Onion:

A professor at Washington State University is barring students from using “offensive” and “oppressive” language, including the words “illegal alien,” “male” and “female.”

There's more:

Such “offensive” language includes “the man,” “colored people,” “illegals/illegal aliens,” “tranny,” and “referring to women/men as females or males.”

Saying "nigger" appears to be okay. Phew.

The professor emphasized that repeated use of such vocabulary could warrant punishment such as “removal from the class without attendance or participation points, failure of the assignment, and—in extreme cases—failure for the semester.”

The Thought Police are getting bolder and crazier every year.

A different professor says:

The course’s goal is to instill in its subjects an understanding of “white privilege.”

The insanity never ends.

A third professor at Washington State is directing incoming white pupils to “defer” to their non-white counterparts in his Introduction to Multicultural Literature course this fall.

“Reflect your grasp of history and social relations by respecting shy and quiet classmates, and by deferring to the experiences of people of color,” [...]

Yeah, as long as you discriminate against the man whites and put seething failures, er darkies, er colored people people of color on a pedestal, then it's okay. Because white privilege.

Double standards

Javaria Saeed, who worked in Scotland Yard’s counterterrorism division, complained to her bosses after she witnessed a fellow Muslim officer in the unit saying that female genital mutilation (FGM) was a “clean and honourable practice” and “shouldn’t be criminalised”, reports The Sunday Times.

The Muslim officer also reportedly said that female Muslim victims of domestic violence should not report the crime to the police, but resolve their cases in a sharia court, except in “serious violent cases”.

However, after raising both comments with her managers, Ms. Saeed said that they failed to take action against the officer because they were afraid of being accused of racism.

Here's a Muslim woman who tried to do some good by joining Scotland Yard. How did her family support her?

“I was warned by family and friends against joining because they thought I’d be racially discriminated against by white officers.

Sweet sweet projection. Here's the reality:

But I resigned because of the sickening views and behaviour of some Muslim officers.”

This is what happens when Muslim bitches get out of line. Whites take precautions and are extra nice to her. It's the male Muslim assholes who are really sexist and racist.

“Racism in the Met is not from white officers in my case, but from Muslim officers who the service refused to properly investigate because they were afraid of being called Islamophobic and racist,” said Ms. Saeed.

“My experiences were that it was Muslim officers being racist towards my individual views; also in private, holding racist views against white officers, and sexist views against females,” she said.

“If such views were held and expressed by white officers, they would be fired.”

Because to have the same standard for everyone would be ... racist!

Fourth Generation Warfare

ISIS is not dumb:

A 15-year-old boy has been arrested in Paris suspected of preparing imminent "violent action," two judicial sources said, the second alleged plot with links to Islamic State discovered in France this week.

ISIS is now using women and boys to carry out attacks. 

The second source said the boy had been in contact with suspected French Islamist militant Rashid Kassim and that Kassim also guided one of the women arrested last week in the plot to attack a train station in Paris. French newspaper Le Monde reported that Kassim is in Syria.

This has to be an intelligence nightmare for the Europeans. "Ban all Muslims" is going to be the sensible state policy in the near future.

The Enemies of Western Civilization

1. Defense

August 1990: Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. Inadvertently, some of his forces easily took over some territory of Saudi Arabia. Some thought that Hussein would eventually gobble up Arabia as well. The US formed the largest coalition since World War II to repel Hussein.

January 1991: Hussein's Iraq was firing Scud missiles into Saudi Arabia. Many missed their military targets and demolished civilian infrastructure instead. Many in Arabia feared that chemical weapons would be used against them by the madman in Baghdad. Civilians were provided with gas masks.

February 1991: The US air force and later the hundreds of thousands of ground troops liberated Kuwait and saved the Middle East -- especially the Arabs living in the land of Saud.

2. Gratitude

Late 1990s: Many shops in Saudi Arabia had small plastic donation boxes. I asked my dad about their purpose. He told me that the money went to the mujaheddin in Afghanistan. Arabs were freely supporting al-Qaeda.

September 2001: 19 Muslims inflict one of the deadliest assaults on American soil. Almost 3,000 are killed. Ordinary Muslims celebrate.

December 2001: My father worked in Saudi Aramco. I talked to him about the mood at his office right after 9/11. He told me that the Arabs were celebrating like they had won the Football World Cup. Every one was jubilant with one exception. There was one Arab who was not satisfied. My dad went up to him and inquired about his grief. He was looking at the photos and the videos of the collapsing Twin Towers. He said that the towers fell straight down. He was despondent because he hoped that they had fallen on their side. He wished that there had been more death and carnage.

Just a decade after the United States had saved these very people and their families from possible death, slavery and mutilation, they were cheering at, what at the time was thought, the annihilation of 10,000 innocent American civilians.

3. Eternal Enemy

There were reports of certain people celebrating around the US right after 9/11. I met these sorts of people at my university in Canada. I have had conversations with people who openly and proudly supported the Taliban. Wicked glee would be an appropriate term for their reaction to the slaughter of almost 3,000 Americans. What do all of them have in common? Islam.

Muslims are nourished on poison. They are told to hate the unbeliever, the infidel, the kafir. Such has been the case since the evil Muhammad inflicted his cult on the world. That Jew-murdering, slave-owning, paedophile is the role model for over a fifth of humanity. It would be a very confusing world if the Muslims weren't at war with us.

Islam is utterly incompatible with Western Civilization. One simply has to look at the rules and laws of Sunni Arabia and Shia Iran and compare them to the legal books of any Western country. The best thing we can do is to put as much distance as we can between us and them.

Ban Muslim immigration. Burn ISIS. Make it clear to any Islamic organization that even mildly instigates against us: you will be crushed.

4. The Enablers

Why is it that we haven't taken such simple steps to protect ourselves? Islam is the main enemy. But before we get to dealing with it, we have to face the internal foes. The main enablers: the universities, the mainstream media and the leftist politicians.

All of them have a favorite saying about Islam:

Islam means by Bosch Fawstin

Obama thinks that we can absorb another terrorist attack. Obama handed the Islamic terrorist regime of Iran hundreds of millions of dollars. Infidels around the world will pay for that later. He glosses over the slaughter of Christians and imports hundreds of thousands of Muslims into America.

Hillary lets Americans die in Libya. She accepts millions of dollars from the Saudis. The hypocrisy can make one faint.

The very people who're supposed to defend the United States, defend its eternal enemy. They refuse to mention ISIS. They make it deeply unfashionable to call out the evil of Islam. Truth is hate speech.

The moral depravity is not limited to them. Dumb Jews want to be friends with Muslims. Homosexuals march in support of Islam. Feminists are totally cool with the garbage bag burqa.

It was not always so. We had leadership.

How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy [...] The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property—either as a child, a wife, or a concubine—must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.

All is not lost.

After the Brussels attack, the head of Poland's largest party announced that "after recent events connected with acts of terror, [Poland] will not accept refugees, because there is no mechanism that would ensure security."

Victor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary, declared that "we do not like the consequences of having a large number of Muslim communities that we see in other countries, and I do not see any reason for anyone else to force us to create ways of living together in Hungary that we do not want to see...."

Robert Fico, Prime Minister of Slovakia, announced that "Islam has no place in Slovakia."

The Czech Republic, which had in the past taken in a few thousand Muslim migrants, regrets even that, to judge by the remark of its President, Milos Zeman, this January, that "it is practically impossible to integrate Islam into Europe," and made clear that the Czechs will not be taking any more.

We are in another battle in the Longest War. As long as we tell the truth about Islam, unmask the enablers and support those who fight -- Trump, the Alt Right and the Nationalists -- we shall win.

The lizard overheats

Video has surfaced of Hillary Clinton appearing to stumble as she was led into a van after suffering a 'medical episode' during the 9/11 memorial service.

One of her aides is seen grabbing onto her arm as the motorcade arrives. Her security detail then had to help her into the van buy grabbing each of her arms.

She then appears to lose a shoe under the vehicle in the struggle before being driven to daughter Chelsea's apartment in Manhattan.

Hillary Clinton couldn't even stand. Her knees buckled. She was dragged into her van.

There's video.

Won't you feel sorry for the poor Muslims?

Muslim Girl on 9/11:

For many Muslim Americans, its memory is forever etched in our minds, because every day afterwards was a struggle to simultaneously and harmoniously be a practicing Muslim and an American citizen. In the minds of many, it seemed such an identity didn’t exist.

Yup. The real, perpetual, victims of 9/11: American Muslims.

The collection of memories and experiences shared here demonstrate the nuances and challenges of Muslim American women in a post-9/11 America from all over the United States. Every story is uniquely powerful. They will shock you, inspire you, and compel you to reflect on the social and political trajectory of our country.

I was expecting beatings, lynchings, shootings, beheadings, necklacings ... at least a few shivs! But, nothing.

Racisssss and Islamophobes of America: you weak.

All these people whose experiences are provided have left, or have never lived in, Islamic hells. They live in a Western society. They don't mention a single word of negativity to describe the evil responsible for 9/11. They do, however, mock America. They glorify Islam. They blather about intolerance but don't have the sense to realize that they are completely free to do so. According to them, they have been "oppressed" for 15 years.

Oddly enough, they still live here.

Alt-right tremor?

Conservative MP Kellie Leitch, a candidate in her party’s leadership contest, has floated the idea of screening newcomers for their attitudes on intolerance toward other religions, cultures and sexual orientations and reluctance to embrace Canadian freedoms.

A new Forum Research Inc. poll for the Star shows that Leitch may be tapping into an idea that Canadians favour with 67 per cent saying immigrants should indeed be screened for “anti-Canadian values.”

God forbid, we might have some standards.

A different conservative makes a stunning statement:

Fellow Ontario MP Michael Chong, also contesting the leadership, said the suggestion that some immigrants are anti-Canadian “does not represent our Conservative party or our Canada.”

To suggest that some immigrants are anti-Canadian is somehow anti-Canadian unrepresentative of Canada. So, does Chong think that every one of the millions of immigrants Canada has accepted in this century are totally cool with the concepts of gender equality, racial co-mingling, religious freedom, etc? 

These politicians are going to have a tough time explaining Canada's 9/11 in the future. Then, we'll be explicitly banning Muslims.

Short temper

This must be that co-existence that the French president was talking about:

According to a new report, the attacks took place in Toulon, South of France. Two couples, a friend and three children on bikes were assaulted for wearing shorts and dressing 'indecently'.

The women were called 'whores' and 'sluts' in front of their kids. This got the men in the group to ask the Muslims to respect their wives. They were brutally attacked for doing so.