Let's import them

America's retarded little cousin

I thought that recreational weed was to be made legal next year in Canada. So, what is the Prime Minister smoking?

Refugee camps are teeming with Syria’s middle class. Doctors and lawyers. Teachers and entrepreneurs. They’re well educated. They work hard. They care about their families. They want a better life—a safer and more secure future for their kids—as we all do.

So when I say that I hope that the Syrian refugees we welcomed will soon be able to join our middle class, I am confident that we can make that happen.

No, Trudeau. What will happen is that many Canadians will needlessly go to their graves -- assuming that there are parts of them left to bury. The more we import, the higher the chance that an attack will take place.

Canada has already taken in 30,000 refugees with thousands more arriving every month. Majority of them are not educated in the Western sense. Most don't speak English or French. How can they possibly join the middle class if they can't even bloody communicate?

Not to mention that they are Muslims and their religion commands them to not integrate but to dominate. They will live in their segregated enclaves and when the attack comes, the blame will be on the Liberals and all those who supported this infantile, virtue-signalling, perilous policy of importing and subsidising our own doom.

This is all avoidable, Trudeau. You are putting Canadian lives in danger. This will not end well.


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