The face of real oppression
Daddy issues

Welcoming gender apartheid

In Sweden:

The Muslim independent school Al-Azhar school in Vällingby in Stockholm have the right to conduct gender-specific teaching, writing Teachers' news.


The reason is, among other things, that many of the girls did not want the veil on them when they play sports, something they in Islam must be as long as there are men or boys nearby.

Some of our girls want to be able to take off her scarf and wear shorts and t-shirt on the lesson. It would be difficult if there were male peers or male teacher there, explains PE teacher Nina Da Mata.

This is just a high school. What happens when these girls graduate and go to university? What happens when they enter the workforce? The logic of "not dealing with males" also applies there. So, will Sweden allow gender discrimination in those contexts?

The overwhelming majority of Muslims don't want to assimilate in Sweden. In fact, there are so many of them being imported into Sweden that they can form their own little sharia enclaves. Today, it's gender apartheid in Islamic schools. Later, we'll see this in universities, businesses, restaurants, etc.


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