Sally Kohn: Trainwreck continues
The Maleficence of Masoom

The Sordid Left

Robert Spencer is interviewed in an Italian publication. Here's just one response:

Not only in the United States but all over Europe the left wants to present Islam as a religion of peace. This mantra is repeated all the time in the face of Islamic terrorism, for which the most diverse explanations are given. The common denominator of all these explanations offered by the left is that the root of jihadism is non religious. According to you why is the left so protective of Islam?

Either they know that what they’re saying is false, and are cynically propagating their falsehoods in service of a globalist agenda, or they actually believe the claims that Muslims are a despised minority, the victim of “racism” and “Islamophobia,” and so must be treated with special solicitude, including pretending that the root causes of jihad terror are other than what they are.

Either way, their actions are accelerating the prospect of a full scale war. Most (non-lefty) Westerners are decent, generous and spectacularly ignorant. They have opened their doors to millions of Muslims who view their hosts as rotten, immoral scum. Now, these unversed people of the West are going to learn Islam the hard way. The rational response will be to kick out the Muslims. I doubt that process will be peaceful.


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