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The Muslim Concentration

UK Express:

The accident, which occurred on June 16, was caused when the driver passed a red signal before coming off the track and hitting a mast - resulting in the station’s closure and rail chaos across London.

Investigators are now probing whether the accident occurred because the driver was undergoing a Ramadan fast and had not eaten in the 15 hours before the crash.

Some folks don't know that the Ramadan fasting requires one to abstain from food and drinks during the day. I've known mental muzzies who have had something to drink at 8 p.m., then woke up late the next day and continued to fast. This means that by 4 p.m. next day, they have had nothing to drink for 20 hours! By that time, they're on the verge of passing out. Driving a car, let alone a train, is patently stupid and dangerous in that context.

The report adds fasting “can affect people’s concentration levels”.

You don't say. It's not just the terrorists that'll get you killed.


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