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A pig doesn't like dogs

The lovely followers of Islam

There are three simple ways to learn about Islam:

  1. Read the Quran.
  2. Go through the history of the Procunt Muhammad.
  3. Listen to what Muslim leaders and preachers say to their followers.

Thanks to the advent of cheap video and the internet, we can very easily follow the third step:

The wife of jailed hate preacher Anjem Choudary is today unveiled as an extremist herself, spouting vile diatribes supporting Islamic State and predicting ‘destruction’ for Britain’s non-Muslims.

Drawing parallels with a Koranic verse, Rubana Akhtar told a secret meeting: ‘Allah destroyed them all their houses, Allah completely ruined them… see their houses in utter ruin because of the evils they committed.’

She even gets a cheap laugh from her audience of impressionable young women and children as she mocks the plight of an IS victim who was burned alive.

That's in Britain. The hatred and loathing for the West is infinitely worse in Islamic lands.


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