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Pakistan Observer:

PROF Dr Atta-ur-Rahman, who as Minister for Science and Information Technology, did tremendous service to Pakistan, lamented during a lecture at the English Speaking Union at the week-end that the Muslim world has been left far, far behind in education and scientific development, and continue to groan under the fact that none of its member States won Noble Prize whereas England bagged these by dozens, 30 of them by the Cambridge University alone.

There were a mere couple of exceptions in Muslim States. Those winning the coveted honour, preferred to live abroad, rather than in their own country, which again was a matter of shame for all of us.

It's funny that this op-ed is published in a Pakistani website. Only one native man has won the Nobel Prize in the 70-year history of Pakistan. This wasn't some useless peace prize piece of junk; it was the Nobel Prize in physics.

Why isn't Abdus Salam, the first Muslim to win a Nobel prize that matters, a role model for young Pakistanis? He was part of the same religious sect as my family: Ahmadis. They are considered non-Muslims, heretical, apostates. Pakistan, to this day, openly discriminates against Ahmadis.

Abdus Salam was unacknowledged by numerous Pakistani governments. He is not mentioned in textbooks. He doesn't exist. He never has existed. He died in 1996. As per his wish, he was buried in Pakistan. He still wasn't left alone. His tombstone was defaced; the word "Muslim" erased from it.

He was a true genius from a land of inbred, vile, backward Muslims. Of course, they hate him.


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