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Aussie Dave:

It is the video that has just now gone viral (weirdly enough, given it is part of a documentary from 2013) – a young Iranian wrestler crying after being told he might have to forfeit his next match.

The Iranian won't be allowed to wrestle a Jewish Israeli athlete but then -

[...] why are the Iranians ok with competing with US athletes – even on US soil – but not Israeli athletes, given the US is supposedly the Great Satan to our Little Satan?

Jew hatred is built into the DNA of Islam. I wrote about this ten years ago.

Here are a couple of personal examples:

  1. Saudi Aramco -- the Goliath of oil in the world -- is worth over $1 trillion. They employ thousands of educated infidels from the West to manage the flow of oil. Americans, Canadians, and Europeans are generously compensated for their labor. However, Jews are strictly prohibited in Saudi Arabia. If you've got an Israeli passport, then forget about it.
  2. I was chatting online with one of my cousins many years ago. I'll never forget what he wrote about the "power ranking" of countries. According to him, Israel and then the United States were the most mighty nations on Earth. You see, it's actually "the Little Satan" that calls the shots.


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