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Sharia for retarded infidels

To Sally Kohn,

In Saudi Arabia, at the very heart of Islam, sharia is the law of the land. Here are just some of the lovely features of that cuddly, progressive, liberal system:

  1. Other religious infrastructure (churches, temples, etc.) is banned.
  2. Jews are banned. Jewish literature is banned. So, a book by Einstein would be confiscated.
  3. Death for those who criticise Islam. Death for those who leave Islam.
  4. The possession of an alcoholic beverage is punishable by death.
  5. Homosexuality is forbidden and harshly punished (lashes, prison, possible beheading).
  6. Death by stoning is the punishment for adultery.
  7. Thieves have their arm, and sometimes also their leg, chopped off.
  8. Women must cover their bodies. Only their eyes and hands can be visible. The religious police enforce these rules.
  9. Women cannot travel alone. For example, a taxi driver will not pick up a lone woman. Women must travel with a male relative.
  10. Cinemas are not allowed for the general public. 
  11. No art or music courses offered in the school curriculum. Those are considered wasteful, infidel activities.

How would I know that all of this is definitely true? I lived there for over a decade.


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