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Multiculturalism: Gender apartheid edition

National Post:

An Iran-born Edmonton man has been ordered to take anger management courses following a “nasty” attack on his wife’s boss stemming from a male co-worker saying hello to her in a mall.

The infidels who were impacted by this will, very likely, avoid Muslims in the future. And for that they'll be called racissss.

Crown prosecutor Bethan Franklyn told court that Moradi and his wife had been at a city mall in late October 2015 when one of her co-workers came up to say hello.

Moradi asked the man how he knew his wife, then told him not to talk to her, said Franklyn.

Then he goes crazy gamma.

On Nov. 6, Moradi went with his wife to the downtown office where she worked and asked to speak to human resources about the mall incident, said Franklyn.

Mall incident? (Laughs.) H.R. must have felt like they were in a twilight zone episode. Aadel "The Muzzie Clown" Moradi  went all the way to the CEO.

Court heard he eventually spoke to Ross Undershute, the CEO of the health consulting organization, and stated “No men are allowed to speak to his wife and she can’t speak to any men.”

After living in Canada for 15 years, he thinks he can make this ludicrous demand. The Magic Dirt in Canada is not so magical.

He tried to kick Undershute, and “clawed and scratched” his face before spitting at his face, said Franklyn. He also unsuccessfully tried to kick, knee, slap and bite Undershute.

Saying hello to a married Muslim woman: Absolutely horribly wrong.

Clawing, scratching, kicking, slapping, biting an infidel: Perfectly okay.


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