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Whining about wine

Israel National News:

Murad Al-Sudani, the Registrar for the National Palestinian Committee for Education, Culture and Science, lashed out at the upcoming annual Jerusalem Wine Festival, which is set to have a branch at the upscale Mamilla (Alrov) open-air mall near the Old City.

Since the mall rests partly on an old Muslim cemetery called "Maman Allah;" Al-Sudani claims that the festival manifests an affront to Islam.

But then, what isn't?

Jews in Israel and Christians in Egypt can’t have their civil rights or a billion Muslims will get angry. Jews in Jerusalem can’t have a Wine Festival or perpetually offended Muslims will be offended. Some might say that the billion Muslims are just looking for things to get angry at… but that would just make a billion Muslims angry.

It would be easier to come up with a brief list of things that don't make a billion Muslims angry.

They insist on living in countries where they are not welcome, to take advantage of freedom and capitalism while simultaneously working to destroy those countries. And instead of quietly assimilating in “western” culture, the Muslims squawk constantly about how offensive it is, and demand that we change to suit them. It makes no sense.

That's why the West needs to stop importing Muslims. Certainly there are other peoples in the world worth welcoming who aren't inbred, angry and destructive.

A tale of Ham and Coke

Monty Python couldn't come up with this absurdity:

Youness Boussaid and Fatah Bouzid, both 27, launched a brutal attack on the pair after warning them they would “go to hell” because the pizza they were eating contained ham.

Ham is totally haram. However...

The victims left Le Mix Bar, a nightclub in Cambrésis, France, where they had spent the evening, and ordered pizza from a nearby food vendor. They were approached by Boussaid and Bouzid soon after, who offered the young couple cocaine.

Obviously, this has nothing to do with Islam because NO REAL MUSLIM sells cocaine. QED.

Ignorant Infidels

Andrew MacLeod:

[...] were the Orlando murderer, the Sydney siege murderer, or the Nice murderer terrorists? Like Mia and Tom’s killer, these three did not appear to be part of organised groups. We know none of the Nice, Sydney and Orlando killers had a deep religious history. All three rarely prayed in mosques. They drank, had sex out of marriage, failed to fast in Ramadan. None was a “devout Muslim”, according to anecdotal evidence from people who claimed to have known them.

Therefore, the connection with Islam barely exists!

But what did they have in common? All three men had broken relationships with their wives and partners. They were all estranged loners who didn’t “belong”. They all had a history of family violence. In the case of the Orlando killer, he had a long history of steroid use, which has been linked to aggression. Although claims were made during the attacks, no formal links with Isis have been found.

But if they weren’t terrorists, what were they?

These Muslims shout Allah Akbar, proclaim their allegiance to ISIS, cast terror into the hearts of innocents but Macleod simply ignores that because they weren't devout enough for him.

MacLeod is an ignorant fool.

Let's have Robert Spencer explain the situation:

What really needs investigating in light of the murders of Mia Ayliffe-Chung and Tom Jackson is the psychic landscape that Islam provides for a Muslim such as their killer, Smail Ayad. Ayad may indeed have been non-devout and not interested in jihad or Islam in general. But at a moment of distress, at a time of upset and upheaval in his life, he was only able to provide a context for his anger and hatred in Islam and its call for warfare against unbelievers — hence even if his motive was being rejected by Mia Ayliffe-Chung, he screamed “Allahu akbar” and didn’t kill Mia only, but Jackson as well, and attacked police also: his rage at her became a generalized jihad against the Infidels all around him.

That is a scenario worth studying, as it could happen again, anytime, anywhere. But the willfully ignorant and politically correct such as MacLeod and the Independent will never venture into such territory.

[Emphasis mine.]

Islam has been evil since the day it started over 1400 years ago. Today, the real problem is the ignorance and stupidity of Westerners who refuse to understand the nature of our enemy. How can we defeat the nemesis when too many deny its existence?

Apple + Ireland vs. EU: Dawn of Drama

Financial Post:

Apple Inc. was ordered to repay a record 13 billion euros (US$14.5 billion) plus interest after the European Commission said Ireland illegally slashed the iPhone maker’s tax bill.

How does the EU decide what Ireland did is "illegal"? Isn't Ireland independent? Doesn't Ireland have its own rules and regulations?

“I disagree profoundly with the commission’s decision,” said Irish Finance Minister Michael Noonan. Ireland’s tax system is founded on the strict application of the law “without exception,” he said.

The Chosen Punching Bags

Aussie Dave:

It is the video that has just now gone viral (weirdly enough, given it is part of a documentary from 2013) – a young Iranian wrestler crying after being told he might have to forfeit his next match.

The Iranian won't be allowed to wrestle a Jewish Israeli athlete but then -

[...] why are the Iranians ok with competing with US athletes – even on US soil – but not Israeli athletes, given the US is supposedly the Great Satan to our Little Satan?

Jew hatred is built into the DNA of Islam. I wrote about this ten years ago.

Here are a couple of personal examples:

  1. Saudi Aramco -- the Goliath of oil in the world -- is worth over $1 trillion. They employ thousands of educated infidels from the West to manage the flow of oil. Americans, Canadians, and Europeans are generously compensated for their labor. However, Jews are strictly prohibited in Saudi Arabia. If you've got an Israeli passport, then forget about it.
  2. I was chatting online with one of my cousins many years ago. I'll never forget what he wrote about the "power ranking" of countries. According to him, Israel and then the United States were the most mighty nations on Earth. You see, it's actually "the Little Satan" that calls the shots.

The loathsome intolerant

Pakistan Observer:

PROF Dr Atta-ur-Rahman, who as Minister for Science and Information Technology, did tremendous service to Pakistan, lamented during a lecture at the English Speaking Union at the week-end that the Muslim world has been left far, far behind in education and scientific development, and continue to groan under the fact that none of its member States won Noble Prize whereas England bagged these by dozens, 30 of them by the Cambridge University alone.

There were a mere couple of exceptions in Muslim States. Those winning the coveted honour, preferred to live abroad, rather than in their own country, which again was a matter of shame for all of us.

It's funny that this op-ed is published in a Pakistani website. Only one native man has won the Nobel Prize in the 70-year history of Pakistan. This wasn't some useless peace prize piece of junk; it was the Nobel Prize in physics.

Why isn't Abdus Salam, the first Muslim to win a Nobel prize that matters, a role model for young Pakistanis? He was part of the same religious sect as my family: Ahmadis. They are considered non-Muslims, heretical, apostates. Pakistan, to this day, openly discriminates against Ahmadis.

Abdus Salam was unacknowledged by numerous Pakistani governments. He is not mentioned in textbooks. He doesn't exist. He never has existed. He died in 1996. As per his wish, he was buried in Pakistan. He still wasn't left alone. His tombstone was defaced; the word "Muslim" erased from it.

He was a true genius from a land of inbred, vile, backward Muslims. Of course, they hate him.

Welcoming gender apartheid

In Sweden:

The Muslim independent school Al-Azhar school in Vällingby in Stockholm have the right to conduct gender-specific teaching, writing Teachers' news.


The reason is, among other things, that many of the girls did not want the veil on them when they play sports, something they in Islam must be as long as there are men or boys nearby.

Some of our girls want to be able to take off her scarf and wear shorts and t-shirt on the lesson. It would be difficult if there were male peers or male teacher there, explains PE teacher Nina Da Mata.

This is just a high school. What happens when these girls graduate and go to university? What happens when they enter the workforce? The logic of "not dealing with males" also applies there. So, will Sweden allow gender discrimination in those contexts?

The overwhelming majority of Muslims don't want to assimilate in Sweden. In fact, there are so many of them being imported into Sweden that they can form their own little sharia enclaves. Today, it's gender apartheid in Islamic schools. Later, we'll see this in universities, businesses, restaurants, etc.

The face of real oppression

International Business Times:

Birmingham education authorities buckled to pressure from sectarian hardliners and blocked a Muslim sect from being represented on an interfaith council, it is claimed.

(Laughs.) An interfaith council discriminates on the basis of faith.

Members of Birmingham's Ahmadiyya Muslim Community were told that in order to be represented on the city's Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE) they would have to agree not to identify themselves as Muslims, after a threatened walkout from other Muslim members of the committee.

The discrimination against Ahmadis is codified in the legal system of Pakistan. Now, this malignant tendency has arrived in Britain.

Why Christians Why?


27 Lebanese Christians have been arrested and then deported to Lebanon after being found with Bibles in their homes and praying during the Virgin Mary festival.

They were charged with conducting non-Islamic prayers.

Religious text and architecture of any other religion but Islam is not allowed in Saudi Arabia. This is not a secret. So, why did these Christians go to the heart of such an evil nation? These Christians are devout enough to take a Bible to Arabia but not sensible enough to simply stay out of the land of Mordor?

My dad worked for Saudi Aramco. He told me that I could do the same after I got a degree from a Western country. I could have probably made $100,000 a year tax-free with an apartment and health care included. Of course, I would have had to continually lie every day to stay alive. I refused.

Compassionate Canadian Government

A colleague of mine told this story some years ago. Her friend had gone to the hospital to see a doctor about some strange spots on her skin. This was in the beginning of August. Eventually, an appointment was made for the end of August. Her friend left and then came back a few weeks later. The receptionist started laughing. She was told that the appointment was for the end of August next year. If your dog had some skin problems, then you could go to a doctor now and have the issue sorted out in a matter of days.

Most Canadians who haven't dealt with the health care system are very positive about the whole twisted socialist scheme. It's only when they, or someone close to them, gets seriously sick do they grasp the horror show.

I know one elderly person who messed up his knee. It was immediately obvious to the doctor that a surgery was required. He waited over six months. Depending on the province you live in and the surgery you require the median wait time can be over 12 months!

Anyway, this is the story that prompted all that:

An elderly Canadian couple who've been married 62 years are being forced to live in separate nursing home facilities because a backlog in the Canadian health care system has made it impossible to move Wolf Gottschalk out of the transitional nursing home where he currently lives into the care facility where his wife Anita is living.

Making sweet love in Norway

Norwegian Defence League on an Iraqi migrant in Norway:

- In 2005, I lost my family in Iraq. All were killed.When I returned to Norway after having buried them, I felt emptiness, explains the 38-year-old and continues:

- I felt I needed love, but I was unable to contact the girls properly. I lost control of myself, he says.

Apparently, he lost control of himself and found "love" eight times -- he has been accused of eight rapes. This is classic:

Even though he has admitted commiting the offences he is pleading not guilty to any wrongdoing.

Freedom Ban Hammer


In its five-year plan for 2017-2021, the Freedom Party pledges to reverse the “Islamization” of the Netherlands by implementing measures such as closing mosques and Islamic schools, securing borders, banning the Koran, closing asylum seeker centers, banning Muslim migrants and forbidding women from wearing headscarves.

Banning the Koran? Why? More importantly, how would one enforce this law?

One of the very best ways to learn about the evils of Islam is by reading that ugly book. Imagine a debate where the anti-Islam candidate takes out his phone to quote the Koran (ebook). Will that person be fined or jailed?

Besides, the demonic book is useful in cold winters:

Burning shit

Multiculturalism: Gender apartheid edition

National Post:

An Iran-born Edmonton man has been ordered to take anger management courses following a “nasty” attack on his wife’s boss stemming from a male co-worker saying hello to her in a mall.

The infidels who were impacted by this will, very likely, avoid Muslims in the future. And for that they'll be called racissss.

Crown prosecutor Bethan Franklyn told court that Moradi and his wife had been at a city mall in late October 2015 when one of her co-workers came up to say hello.

Moradi asked the man how he knew his wife, then told him not to talk to her, said Franklyn.

Then he goes crazy gamma.

On Nov. 6, Moradi went with his wife to the downtown office where she worked and asked to speak to human resources about the mall incident, said Franklyn.

Mall incident? (Laughs.) H.R. must have felt like they were in a twilight zone episode. Aadel "The Muzzie Clown" Moradi  went all the way to the CEO.

Court heard he eventually spoke to Ross Undershute, the CEO of the health consulting organization, and stated “No men are allowed to speak to his wife and she can’t speak to any men.”

After living in Canada for 15 years, he thinks he can make this ludicrous demand. The Magic Dirt in Canada is not so magical.

He tried to kick Undershute, and “clawed and scratched” his face before spitting at his face, said Franklyn. He also unsuccessfully tried to kick, knee, slap and bite Undershute.

Saying hello to a married Muslim woman: Absolutely horribly wrong.

Clawing, scratching, kicking, slapping, biting an infidel: Perfectly okay.

France today

Perhaps the kids will learn to bury their heads in the sand:

Thousands of soldiers have been deployed to French schools and pupils are set to receive ' terrorism training' as part of the curriculum in a bid to combat extremism.

Following a spate of devastating terror attacks in the country, including the Bataclan and Nice massacres , France will now deploy around 3,000 reserve troops to provide security to schools, education and security ministers announced.

All the Frogs should just go to the logical end: convert to Islam and impose sharia. No more terrorism!

Dindus everywhere


A White prankster (who’s doing more good for the cucked world than he can possibly know), bix noody-trapped his bike with a taser, and then left the bike unattended and unlocked in his neighborhood, recorded by a hidden camera. Hilarity and uncomfortable pattern recognition ensued.

Stop Thug Culture:

That Honda did not consent!

The AR-16: The Alt Right - 16 Declarations

Vox Day: What the Alt Right is.

Vox outlines 16 points detailing the core of the Alt Right. I did laugh at #12. Initially, I thought that there was a contradiction between points #4 and #15. There is none; they're carefully worded. So far, so good.

Later, in the comments (#90), Vox writes:

There is room in the Alt Right for Christians, pagans, agnostics, and atheists. There is no room for Islam, because Islam is a rival ideology as well as a religion. Therefore, the Alt Right does not believe in the freedom of all religions.

My response:

Oh Yeah

Muzzies mess with Texas

Truth Feed News:

The first Islamic Sharia Court in the U.S. just got some very bad news, and Muslims are not happy.

In a close 5-4 vote, the city of Irving ruled to back the Texas state bill banning foreign law from the state. It basically would slam the door in their faces, preventing them from spreading Sharia throughout the country. Now they are accusing the city council of unfairly being targeted.

Won't you feel sorry for these poor Muslims?

By their own website’s admission, if U.S. law conflicts with Sharia law, “we follow Sharia law.” It also openly admitted separate rules for men and women in their proceedings, discriminating and humiliating women which is against the U.S. Constitution. The Islamic Tribunal also openly declared that they hope will “set a precedence that will be emulated and duplicated throughout the country.”

The Dallas Morning News:

“This continues efforts by elected officials who seek to score points with their voting base by demonizing Muslims,” Alia Salem, who directs the North Texas chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, told the City Council before Thursday’s vote. She said it had a choice between “diversity” and “hatred, fear and bigotry.”

Yeah, opposing sharia is now the same as promoting "hatred, fear and bigotry". What's amusing about all this is the website of this sharia court. In their own words:

Stoning adulterers, cutting of the hands, polyandry and the like (all can be traced in the relevant literature and can be explained in their Islamic legal mentality and rational context in fairness and justice), are mainly a part of Islamic Criminal Law. In fact criminal law within Islam only makes up a fraction of the Shari’ah. It is unscholarly and unfair to generalize that type of understanding, that is Criminal Law, to compromise the whole of Islamic law if we stick to speaking in technical terms.

Don't you understand you stupid infidels!? Beheadings, stonings, chopping of limbs, multiple wives, sex slavery -- that's just a small, super tiny, minuscule part of sharia. There's a lot more to sharia than just that, you racist bigots!

Barbarians burn Civilization

NDL News:

Two "refugees" burned down their own asylum center by throwing burning charcoal they used to smoke a hookah in the trash.

Surely, this will give the Euro economy a boost!

Police initially suspected "xenophobes" were responsible for the crime after the migrants lied to cover-up their idiocy.

While this arson was the result of stupidity, other migrants have set fire to their own asylum centers to frame far-right "neo-Nazis," and others have done the same to demand for "better housing."

The invaders need to be sent back.

Understand your enemy


A new study based on interviews conducted over social media with foreign fighters in Iraq and Syria raises doubts about the commonly held notion that young men in North America and Europe who are drawn to violent Islamic extremism must be marginalized loners looking for an alternative to their dead-end lives.

The theory is ridiculous but it does allow politicians to blame the West; if only we were compassionate and thoughtful and nice to these fragile flowers, then they wouldn't have cracked and slaughtered innocents.

Notice, how the Religion That Must Not Be Named remains unmentioned. Of course, reality will, sooner or later, hit you like a sledgehammer.

The report repeatedly stresses the finding that, based on what fighters themselves say, they are “pulled” to Iraq and Syria by religious ideas, rather than being “pushed” by the realities of their lives in the West. “None of our sample indicated coming from familial situations of poverty or marginality,” they say. “On the contrary, many indicated they had fairly happy and privileged, or at least comfortable, childhoods. In general, there was almost no discussion of the economic situation of their families.”

Financially poor Muslims don't fly planes into buildings. They don't travel the globe to fight against the infidels. They don't have high-speed internet from which they get their evil education.

Genuinely poor Muslims are too busy not starving to death every day.

It's usually pampered scum like Osama Bin Laden who have too much time and comfort to plan, and then put in motion, their atrocities.

The Explosive Book

This is very fitting:

Bombs are being hidden inside copies of the Koran in the latest sick tactic by terrorist group ISIS, it has been reported.

US military officials are said to have confirmed the sneaky booby trap strategy involving leaving Islam's holy book on the streets of Ramadi, Iraq, and waiting for locals to pick them up.

It's quite the tactic:

  1. If innocents pick up the Quran and it detonates, then ISIS wins.
  2. If professionals get the book first and destroy it, then ISIS gets some fantastic recruiting material: See those vile infidels are burning Qurans. Join us and fight these monsters. ISIS wins.

A pig doesn't like dogs

UK Express:

Grandmother-of-11 Elaine Mitchell visited Variety Food Stores in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, last week with daughter Laura but claims a male shop assistant told her to leave because of guide dog, Natalie.

Tremendous detail is provided about the blind woman but the identity of the male shop assistant is a secret. Still, a small clue comes through:

"The member of staff in question can only speak broken English, he speaks Urdu at home, so he probably didn't understand when he was told it was a guide dog and thought it was just a dog."

Urdu? I'll take Religion That Must Not Be Named for $2,000, Alex.

The lovely followers of Islam

There are three simple ways to learn about Islam:

  1. Read the Quran.
  2. Go through the history of the Procunt Muhammad.
  3. Listen to what Muslim leaders and preachers say to their followers.

Thanks to the advent of cheap video and the internet, we can very easily follow the third step:

The wife of jailed hate preacher Anjem Choudary is today unveiled as an extremist herself, spouting vile diatribes supporting Islamic State and predicting ‘destruction’ for Britain’s non-Muslims.

Drawing parallels with a Koranic verse, Rubana Akhtar told a secret meeting: ‘Allah destroyed them all their houses, Allah completely ruined them… see their houses in utter ruin because of the evils they committed.’

She even gets a cheap laugh from her audience of impressionable young women and children as she mocks the plight of an IS victim who was burned alive.

That's in Britain. The hatred and loathing for the West is infinitely worse in Islamic lands.

Minor credit to rain

Foreign teams, understandably, refuse to tour Pakistan. So, they have to travel abroad to play cricket and now they're ranked number 1. Their bowling attack has almost always been top notch but this stat surprised me:

6 Pakistan batsmen who have scored 1000-plus Test runs at averages of more than 44 in Tests during this period - Younis, Misbah, Azhar Ali, Asad Shafiq, Mohammad Hafeez and Sarfraz Ahmed. Among them they scored 37 hundreds, and were largely instrumental in ensuring that Pakistan's batting average was a healthy 38.15, better than all teams except New Zealand (38.38) and Australia (39.33).

The members of the PCB made one magnificent decision in 2010:

Perhaps the greatest ever achievement of the Pakistan Cricket Board was to make Misbah Test captain after 2010, narrowly followed by its decision to leave him in charge for the next six years. The PCB got those epoch-making decisions right, Misbah did the rest.

They are still improving:

They will need that improvement to see them through series in New Zealand and Australia. Australia, in particular, is the measure of any would-be world champion.

Australia has the best win-loss ratio in cricket history. Misbah's team will need a draw, at least, to still be regarded as the best modern team.

The Maleficence of Masoom

Sumaia "Not so innocent" Masoom wrote an article titled On Pakistan, Homophobia & Violence Against the Trans Community.

In Pakistan, there are an estimated 50,000 trans men and women in the KP province, and at least half a million nationwide. Roughly 45 trans men and women have been killed in the province in the past year alone, says activist Farzana Jan. This number is, of course, only inclusive of the killings that have been publicly reported.

Masoom accurately describes the reality in Pakistan. She also understands that this particular ugliness is not limited to that country.

Just last week, model Gigi Gorgeous was detained and prevented from entering Dubai for being transgender.

Of course, staying within that context would require one to ask uncomfortable questions about the huge common factor between Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates: Islam.

As we've learned, Islam can't be blamed.

Most importantly, violence against trans men and women is not just a non-Western problem. In the United States, 14 trans men and women have been killed in just the past six months alone [...]

Masoom is attempting to convince us that both Islamic and Western societies are violent against transgender people. Here's her big "American" example of violence:

On top of all of this, we also cannot forget about the recent tragedy in Orlando, Fla., when 29 year-old Omar Mateen walked into the Pulse Nightclub and opened fire on the crowd of LGBTQ+ patrons.

That's right. She started her article with the horrific assaults in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and then deviously switched to the carnage in the US caused by an "American" who just, by pure undiluted coincidence, happened to be a Muslim.

Transphobia and homophobia are not problems restricted to any one corner of the world, but are widespread issues in every society that must be rooted out and countered with radical love.

Here's my radical option: honesty regarding the evil of Islam.

The Sordid Left

Robert Spencer is interviewed in an Italian publication. Here's just one response:

Not only in the United States but all over Europe the left wants to present Islam as a religion of peace. This mantra is repeated all the time in the face of Islamic terrorism, for which the most diverse explanations are given. The common denominator of all these explanations offered by the left is that the root of jihadism is non religious. According to you why is the left so protective of Islam?

Either they know that what they’re saying is false, and are cynically propagating their falsehoods in service of a globalist agenda, or they actually believe the claims that Muslims are a despised minority, the victim of “racism” and “Islamophobia,” and so must be treated with special solicitude, including pretending that the root causes of jihad terror are other than what they are.

Either way, their actions are accelerating the prospect of a full scale war. Most (non-lefty) Westerners are decent, generous and spectacularly ignorant. They have opened their doors to millions of Muslims who view their hosts as rotten, immoral scum. Now, these unversed people of the West are going to learn Islam the hard way. The rational response will be to kick out the Muslims. I doubt that process will be peaceful.

Sally Kohn: Trainwreck continues

Sally Kohn thinks that those people who believe in sharia are our allies.

Then, she tweets this:

But it is sharia law that mandates the killing of gays. The few Islamic countries that don't slaughter homosexuals are the ones who are ignoring sharia. The Land of Saud, Mesopotamia, Persia, and the Land of the Pure are actually following evil Islam to the letter. Those who believe in sharia, by definition, don't support Freedom and Liberty. They are, and always have been, the enemies of the West.

Of course, this means Islam is the enemy. And we can't have that. Islam can't be blamed. So, how does one square the circle? Sally Kohn, the devious dyke, will illustrate:

Yeah, "right wing extremism".

Muzzie bitches at the beach

The Burkini Battle: What Really Happened in Corsica.

According to Mr. Bessone, three Muslim brothers arrived on the beach on Saturday with their female companions and attempted to "privatize" it. The Muslim women, contrary to initial press reports, were not wearing burkinis but were swimming in full Islamic dress.

The first incidents broke out early in the day when the Muslims put up a no entry sign to keep people from coming on to the beach. A couple already on the beach were forced to leave, as were two young boys canoeing in the creek. Tourists, including a Belgian who took a photograph and local passers-by who got too close were insulted, threatened and pelted with stones.

[Emphasis mine.]

That's the core of the problem: religious apartheid on a French beach. The Muslims are there and they tell everybody else to fuck off. No wonder the locals got pissed off and confronted the entitled scum.

More black than black

Muslim Girl: An Open Letter to Racists on My Facebook Feed Against #BlackLivesMatter.

It's always amusing to see the mental gymnastics of Muslims. Like chimps they climb up high on a tree and then, so unlike apes, start sawing off the branch on which they're sitting. This is a perfect example:

No one, unless you are Black, has any right to voice any opinion about Black anger, Black frustration, Black pain, Black suffering, Black grief.

The person who wrote this is not black. If only this sport was part of the Olympics.

The Muslim Concentration

UK Express:

The accident, which occurred on June 16, was caused when the driver passed a red signal before coming off the track and hitting a mast - resulting in the station’s closure and rail chaos across London.

Investigators are now probing whether the accident occurred because the driver was undergoing a Ramadan fast and had not eaten in the 15 hours before the crash.

Some folks don't know that the Ramadan fasting requires one to abstain from food and drinks during the day. I've known mental muzzies who have had something to drink at 8 p.m., then woke up late the next day and continued to fast. This means that by 4 p.m. next day, they have had nothing to drink for 20 hours! By that time, they're on the verge of passing out. Driving a car, let alone a train, is patently stupid and dangerous in that context.

The report adds fasting “can affect people’s concentration levels”.

You don't say. It's not just the terrorists that'll get you killed.

KFC and Pokemon

The Muslim leaders in India have put their minds to important issues:

Eating KFC chicken is a sin in Islam! that is according to the senior mufti of the Dargah-e-Ala Hazrat in UP's Bareilly.

Really really very important issues:

The Dargah-e-Ala Hazrat recently issued another fatwa against the hugely popular location-based augmented reality game Pokemon Go. The Dargah had terming the game anti-Islam and “one which promotes violence and the devil’s schemes”.

The Adventures of Mohammed

Global News:

Global News has learned the RCMP is now leading the investigation into a stolen plane that mysteriously crashed in Peterborough, Ont. last week and it is being treated as a potential “national security issue.”

Who did this?

Twenty-year-old Mohammad Hassan Chaudhary of Markham, Ont., was killed after the small Piper Tomahawk aircraft he allegedly stole from the Markham Airport crash landed just before 1:30 a.m. Friday near the Landsdowne Place mall in Peterborough’s south end about 140 kilometres east of Toronto.

So, a guy named Mohammad takes control of a plane and crashes it near the largest city of a Western country. Inconceivable!

His dad has a point: 

“What is this? … If there was security over there in the airport – what kind this airport is?”

What your problem is, you berry berry bad Canadians!? 

“How come they left the airport like this? He was sick. I know. He had a mental problem.”

Yeah, he was infected with Islam. Also, having first cousins as parents doesn't help.

The father was asked if his son had taken flight lessons:

“Never. He’s a nice kid. He [was] born here in Canada.”

Nice kid?

Mohammad has a criminal history. He was charged in connection with an alleged armed robbery at a gas station with a pellet gun in September 2015 [...]

How so very sad that this "nice kid" won't be sharing his niceness with us anymore.

Crazy bitches ban man at Princeton

Not the Onion:

The Princeton University HR department has largely wiped the word “man” from its vocabulary.

You can feel the I.Q. drop.

Instead of using “man,” employees are told to use words such as human beings, individuals or people. Other guidelines? Instead of “man and wife” use spouses or partners. Switch out “man made” with artificial, handmade or manufactured. Don’t use the verb “to man,” as in to work something, instead use to operate or to staff. Throw out workmanlike and replace it with skillful.

(Laughs.) Yeah, well, you know, that's just like your opinion, man.

The crazy goes deep:

While Princeton’s language policy for its Offices of Communications and Human Resources, Princeton’s LGBT Center also offers a guide on various gender pronouns for those who identify as “transgender, genderqueer, and other gender-variant,” suggesting “ze, zie and hir,” “they and theirs,” and “Ey, em, eir and emself.”