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Sharia for retarded infidels

Deceit of Muslim Girl

Amani Marie Hamed from Muslim Girl:

I and other LGBTQIA+ people and allies who know anything about Dubai’s dubious history of sexism, exploitation, and capitalistic neo-fundamentalist philosophies are appalled, but sadly not shocked that YouTuber and makeup artist Gigi Gorgeous (Gigi Loren) was detained at Dubai International for being transgender.

"Capitalistic neo-fundamentalist philosophies"? What the hell is that? Anyway, did you notice some dubious ideology or philosophy that was missing from that paragraph?

What's really strange is this bit:

Dubai is not unlike other Arab peninsula countries including Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and of course Saudi Arabia, that criminalize and police gender nonconformity and homosexuality.

What do all these Arab countries have in common that would incline them towards hatred of gays, discrimination and gender segregation?

While these countries claim to be founded upon Islamic principles, they deny women basic rights guaranteed by Islam, and deny the same rights of privacy, mobility, and freedom of or from religion to non-Muslims, LGBTQIA+ people, and traveling foreign citizens.

Here's a piece by the Guardian from last year; it ranks countries based on how they restrict the economic opportunities of women. It's astonishing to see the overwhelming numbers of Muslim countries that have, like, totally forgotten the basic rights of women which, don't laugh, are guaranteed by Islam!

It's amazing how easily and effortlessly Muslims lie to the world. Dubai refuses to let a transgender, internet celebrity into their country. Islam can't possibly be blamed. Other Islamic countries have the same oppression. Islam can't be blamed! So, which religion is the culprit?

The answer from Muslim Girl:

Discrimination and oppression of this kind is far more reminiscent of homophobic and transphobic legislation lauded by extremist Evangelical groups than it is of main-stream Islam.

Yeah, I'm sure those 49 souls slaughtered in Orlando were terrified by a raving, extremist Evangelical at the end.


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