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A colleague of mine told this story some years ago. Her friend had gone to the hospital to see a doctor about some strange spots on her skin. This was in the beginning of August. Eventually, an appointment was made for the end of August. Her friend left and then came back a few weeks later. The receptionist started laughing. She was told that the appointment was for the end of August next year. If your dog had some skin problems, then you could go to a doctor now and have the issue sorted out in a matter of days.

Most Canadians who haven't dealt with the health care system are very positive about the whole twisted socialist scheme. It's only when they, or someone close to them, gets seriously sick do they grasp the horror show.

I know one elderly person who messed up his knee. It was immediately obvious to the doctor that a surgery was required. He waited over six months. Depending on the province you live in and the surgery you require the median wait time can be over 12 months!

Anyway, this is the story that prompted all that:

An elderly Canadian couple who've been married 62 years are being forced to live in separate nursing home facilities because a backlog in the Canadian health care system has made it impossible to move Wolf Gottschalk out of the transitional nursing home where he currently lives into the care facility where his wife Anita is living.


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