Lemon Crushed
Islam: the crazy religion

Won't you feel sorry for the poor Muslims?


Inside the ghettos, Muslims are fed up with being blamed for the violence of others because of a shared religion.

The reporter talked to a group of young Muslims in France. Here is what one had to say:

“How are we supposed to know? Look at the problem here, it is lack of money, lack of jobs, no hope for young people, that’s the reason why they are so fed up, so angry. Leave religion aside for a minute, unless the government starts doing something about this, the problems will continue.”

Yeah, ignore Islam; just look at the poverty and hopelessness. 

Two points:

  1. Why is it that other non-Muslim poor people in France and abroad don't go on wicked rampages and slaughter dozens of innocents?
  2. How does this "poverty is the real issue" account for Osama bin Laden and the nineteen hijackers who definitely weren't poor? What could inspire literal millionaires to plan the death and carnage of 9/11?

It is Islam.

Bernard Cazeneuve, the interior minister, has appealed for young volunteers to join the security service reserves, saying: “I want to call on the French patriots, who wish to do so, to join this operational reserve.”

The young men jeered at the idea. “Do you know how the police and security people behave after there there is an attack like the one the other night? They come like an army of occupation, they start being heavy, questioning everyone,” complained Marouanne.

The French police question the coreligionists of the terrorist!!??

That's just evil.


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