Death and Dishonor
Robbers = Infidels

Two Sicknesses Collide

Most Muslims are evil but many Westerners are wilfully blind

A GERMAN rape victim has admitted she lied about the descriptions of her three attackers because she did not want to encourage racism.

Selin Goren, a 24-year-old politician and refugee activist, was sexually assaulted by the group last January in the city of Mannheim.

However, despite the fact the men were Arabic in appearance, she told officers they were a “mixed group” of foreigners and locals and that they had all been speaking German.

Ask this woman a simple question: do you think that monsters who assault innocent women should be put in jail? Of course, she would shout, "Yes!"

Yet, here she is protecting the very creatures who, likely, went on to target other women in her nation. She lied. She committed a crime. She ought to be put behind bars as well.

She did tell them the real story, however, after she told her boyfriend what had happened that night and he convinced her to come clean.

I hope that guy dumped her later.


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