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The inconvenient racism

The fruits of unaccountability

This story from 2009 was disgusting:

Christopher Sean Harris was permanently disabled after he was mistakenly identified as a suspect, chased and then pushed into a wall outside Seattle’s Cinerama theater by Deputy Matthew Paul.

Christopher died in 2015. What about the cop responsible for this travesty?

Paul, who never has spoken publicly about the incident, remains on the force.

Zero punishment for the thug with a badge.

Vox Popoli on the cops shot in Dallas:

Unless and until the police give up their military-style affectations, "us vs them" mentality, and most of all, their legal unaccountability, they're going to find themselves fighting a war against the American people. And it is a war they simply cannot win.

Many innocents will die; it's the nature of war.


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