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Slavery today

RAWA News:

Abdul Alim, a resident of the village of Haji Nazar in Doolina district, was happy to reveal that he had married off his three daughters - Gul Badan, Zainab and Ruqia - for the total sum of 250 cows and sheep, one Kalashnikov and 3,000 US dollars.

Afghani women are expensive!

In a case last year that won local and international attention, a 19-year-old woman Rukhshana was killed in the village of Ghalmin, some 40 kilometres from Ghor’s main town Firozkoh, after she was accused of adultery. In December 2011, her father Abdul Karim, from Odak village, had married her off to Ghulam Yasin, a paraplegic man, in return for 85 cows and sheep.

Rukhshana tried to run away but was arrested by the police and brought back to her father. He then gave her eight-year-old sister Fatima in marriage to Yasin as compensation.

I guess that's just their culture. Who are we to say that they are barbarians (and shouldn't be allowed in the West)?


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