Welcoming Ruin
The latest peaceful month

Sinister Media

Toronto Star:

While Canada rides a wave of global praise for welcoming Syrian refugees, a new poll suggests we’re also facing a wave of something sinister — Islamophobia.

Yeah, Canadians are famous for being rude and xenophobic.

“There is an epidemic of Islamophobia in Ontario. Only a third of Ontarians have a positive impression of the religion and more than half feel its mainstream doctrines promote violence (an anomaly compared to other religions),” said the 51-page survey to be released this week by the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants and advocacy group Mass Minority.

67% of Ontarians are not idiots. They can read history, follow the news and simply observe the thousands of terror-supporting, Sharia-loving Muslims living around them. Instead of facing the ugly reality of Islam, these bureaucrats turn around and call the majority of Canadians "sinister".

I wonder what the Toronto Star will write when ISIS members posing as Syrian immigrants commit mass murder in the heart of Toronto?


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