Two Sicknesses Collide
Welcoming Ruin

Robbers = Infidels

The Bangladeshi Muslims who slaughtered innocent people at a restaurant were fans of the good doctor:

Founder of Mumbai-based Islamic Research Foundation, Zakir Naik, has often courted controversy over his discourses where he derides other religions while highlighting the virtues of Islam.

In 2010, while answering a question about why he was banned from entering Britain, Naik had said it was because he exhorts all Muslims to be terrorists.

"I tell Muslims that every Muslim should be a terrorist. Terrorist means a person who terrorises. When a robber sees a policeman, he is terrified. So for a robber, a policeman is a terrorist. So in this context every Muslim should be a terrorist to the robber," Naik had said.

Can't argue with that.


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