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Late last month, Emma Sulkowicz (aka Mattress Girl) was given the Woman of Courage award by the National Organization of Women. I discussed the case and the general effect of “rape culture” hysteria recently with Cathy Young, whose article “Columbia Student: I Didn’t Rape Her” was one of the first to cast doubt on the Mattress Girl’s narrative.

Cathy Young presents some hate facts:

At one point he was inviting her to a party that he was having at his place. This was the day after the alleged violent rape, and he says “we have too many guys, bring some hot girls,” or something, and she replies “sure, tell them I’ll be over with the females.” If you buy that she was raped by this guy the day before, she is agreeing to bring girls to a party hosted that is being hosted by a rapist? That is bizarre. That is really not credible.

Yup. The lying bitch lied and will continue to lie. Why? Because the media showers her with attention and brain-dead feminists give her awards. 


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