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Dirty religion

Sharia marches on in England:

Leaflets have been handed out apparently calling for a ban on dogs in public places. Describing them as ‘impure’, campaign group For Public Purity wants them to be barred from ‘public spheres’ out of respect for Muslim families.

The leaflets have been distributed in Manchester in areas where there are large Muslim populations, including Muslims who own dogs.

A better idea would be to ban Muslims. Anyway, it's surprising that they're handing out polite leaflets. Straight up murdering dogs is more their style.

Islam is false

In Ontario, Canada:

Salaheddin Islamic Centre – serving the Toronto Muslim community located at 741 Kennedy Road in Scarborough (Southeast corner of Kennedy and Eglinton. For over than 16 years, Salaheddin Islamic Centre has been serving the Muslim community and calling people to Islam within the GTA.

They're a helpful lot. Just look at this FAQ.

Islam is without doubt the best religion and the only religion that is from The Creator of the universe. But the media is in the hands of the Westerners who are afraid of Islam. The media is continuously broadcasting and printing information against Islam. They either provide misinformation about Islam, misquote Islam or project a point out of proportion, if any.

Phew, I was worried that the "Jew" would pop up somewhere.

If a 50 year old muslim marries a 15 year old girl after taking her permission, it appears on the front page but when a 50 year old non-muslim rapes a 6 year old girl, it may appear in the news in the inside pages as ‘News briefs’.

Quite slick; turning it around to blame the infidels again. The Procunt Muhammad married a six-years-old girl and raped her when she turned nine. That monster is what the Muslims call a "perfect" man.

I am aware that there are some muslims who are dishonest, unreliable, who cheat, etc. that is in every society too. But the media projects this as though only muslims are involved in such activities.

The Lie Counter keeps on ticking. The politicians and the media have been exceptionally mild towards the Muslims. They didn't even report the news by showing the simple cartoons that were "causing" the Islamic meltdown the world over. The mainstream media is largely silent when it comes to halaal atrocities because they like to keep their heads attached to the rest of their bodies.

There is no community as a whole in the world which can show even a candle to the muslims where modesty is concerned [...]

(Laughs.) Yeah, Muslims are the most god damn modest people in the entire galaxy and don't you forget it you dirty infidels pigs! On that topic:

The pig is the most shameless animal on the face of the earth. It is the only animal that invites its friends to have sex with its mate. In America, most people consume pork. Many times after dance parties, they have swapping of wives; i.e. many say “you sleep with my wife and I will sleep with your wife.” If you eat pigs then you behave like pigs.

Fountain of wisdom!

Worshipping hatred

A bold woman:

Khar, who was foreign minister during 2011-13, said Pakistani children had been taught for six decades that “our national identity is to hate someone” and this had led to hostility with India and Afghanistan.

To be fair, the entire identity of the Muslim world is to hate "someone". Though, with Pakistan -- the only country on Earth to be founded on the basis of Islam -- that trait is quite rich. Why? Because Pakistan is not a nation. It's a forced amalgamation of peoples who speak different languages, dress uniquely and look distinct. The only weak force "uniting" them is religion and common mythical enemies. In the long run, it won't last. See Bangladesh.

Slavery today

RAWA News:

Abdul Alim, a resident of the village of Haji Nazar in Doolina district, was happy to reveal that he had married off his three daughters - Gul Badan, Zainab and Ruqia - for the total sum of 250 cows and sheep, one Kalashnikov and 3,000 US dollars.

Afghani women are expensive!

In a case last year that won local and international attention, a 19-year-old woman Rukhshana was killed in the village of Ghalmin, some 40 kilometres from Ghor’s main town Firozkoh, after she was accused of adultery. In December 2011, her father Abdul Karim, from Odak village, had married her off to Ghulam Yasin, a paraplegic man, in return for 85 cows and sheep.

Rukhshana tried to run away but was arrested by the police and brought back to her father. He then gave her eight-year-old sister Fatima in marriage to Yasin as compensation.

I guess that's just their culture. Who are we to say that they are barbarians (and shouldn't be allowed in the West)?

Halaal fashion

Click here if you want to see all of the Eid photos. I have picked a few and added some comments.

Civil war

Civil War

Ramadan didn't really help the following two girls.

Elephant legs

Elephant Legs

Who cares about the guy.

Eye cutter

Sad Composition aka The Slasher

The curtains are lovely.

Gold plate

Orange Assault

Lightly beaten

Lightly beaten

Some women overdo their makeup. Exhibit A:


Double Trouble

The least appalling dress:


Bucking for Pippa

I'm shocked:

Same same

Lazy Girl

I hope to see her in the sequel:

The fifth element

The Fifth Element

Suicide by cop?

St. Louis Today via Gateway Pundit:

A former Affton High School football standout forced his way into a South County home and was shot and killed by an off-duty officer inside after a Facebook dispute over Black Lives Matter apparently boiled over late Saturday afternoon.

Yeah, he broke into a cop's home.

Gebhard threw a 50-pound concrete planter through the window and entered the Lakeshire residence as the officer's wife, mother-in-law and two young children struggled to escape through a bedroom window, St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said. The off-duty officer shot and killed Gebhard.

The Castle Doctrine is clear on this matter.

Rape benefits

Heat Street:

Late last month, Emma Sulkowicz (aka Mattress Girl) was given the Woman of Courage award by the National Organization of Women. I discussed the case and the general effect of “rape culture” hysteria recently with Cathy Young, whose article “Columbia Student: I Didn’t Rape Her” was one of the first to cast doubt on the Mattress Girl’s narrative.

Cathy Young presents some hate facts:

At one point he was inviting her to a party that he was having at his place. This was the day after the alleged violent rape, and he says “we have too many guys, bring some hot girls,” or something, and she replies “sure, tell them I’ll be over with the females.” If you buy that she was raped by this guy the day before, she is agreeing to bring girls to a party hosted that is being hosted by a rapist? That is bizarre. That is really not credible.

Yup. The lying bitch lied and will continue to lie. Why? Because the media showers her with attention and brain-dead feminists give her awards. 

Funny Feig


“It’s a classic property and people guard it,” Feig said on the red carpet. “To make a new version and honor that feeling that people had for the original, I felt I had to just get the four funniest people I could. And that’s what I did.”

Hahahahaha. Ahem...hahahahahaha.

Of course. The four funniest people just by pure coincidence possess vaginas.

Thanks Obama

A Syrian refugee in Boston:

Prosecutor Sam Miller reported on Thursday the 13-year-old girl said a man approached her, touched her upper thigh and asked her age. The girl told him she was too young for him and walked away. Hasso then allegedly followed the girl around the pool. While swimming, he again approached her, touched her upper thigh and asked her age. Miller said the girl responded that she was a “little kid, leave me alone.” At that point other people at the pool, including the lifeguard, saw some of the interaction between Hasso and the alleged victim and intervened.

"Little kid"? She's too old for the Procunt Muhammad.

Pamela Geller, president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) and Stop Islamization of America (SIOA), said: “It would be religiously insensitive of us to expect Muslim migrants to abandon the Quran’s teachings about how Muslim men may treat infidel women. This little girl is fair game. Emad Hasso is behaving in accordance with Shariah teachings about how infidel women can be treated. Other swimmers saw the attack and intervened. When charged, Hasso knew enough to lie and deny. The prophet would be proud.”

Simple solution: stop importing Muslims.

The inconvenient racism

The Washington Post:

“The offender said, ‘I hate white people’ and threw a punch,” Van Harten told those gathered in the court during his ruling. “There is no evidence either way about what the offender meant or whether . . . she holds or promotes an ideology which would explain why this assault was aimed at this victim. I am not satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that this offense was, even in part, motivated by racial bias.”

Professing hatred for white people and then assaulting a white person is not "motivated by racial bias"?

Let's imagine different races: At a Canadian university, with cameras rolling, a white man walks up to an African student and says, "I hate black people!" and then punches the black guy in the face, breaking a couple of teeth. The entire media would be playing the video 24/7 and proclaiming it as solid proof of unending white racism. The black guy would be on Oprah (in front of a largely racissss white audience) to show just how brave he is. New Black Lives Matter members would enter a library for the first time in their lives. Obama would say that if he had a son he would look like that two-teeth-short what's-his-name black guy.

And the white guy? He'd officially be Worse Than HitlerTM.

The fruits of unaccountability

This story from 2009 was disgusting:

Christopher Sean Harris was permanently disabled after he was mistakenly identified as a suspect, chased and then pushed into a wall outside Seattle’s Cinerama theater by Deputy Matthew Paul.

Christopher died in 2015. What about the cop responsible for this travesty?

Paul, who never has spoken publicly about the incident, remains on the force.

Zero punishment for the thug with a badge.

Vox Popoli on the cops shot in Dallas:

Unless and until the police give up their military-style affectations, "us vs them" mentality, and most of all, their legal unaccountability, they're going to find themselves fighting a war against the American people. And it is a war they simply cannot win.

Many innocents will die; it's the nature of war.

About Me

in Lahore, Pakistan. Mother: same country. My father, however, was born in India.

that I speak: English, Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi. I've lost Arabic and Sindhi.

Early education
in Saudi Arabia with a brief time in Pakistan.

Finished high school
in Vermont, United States of America.

Graduated from university
in Ontario, Canada.

What's the main purpose of this blog?
In the beginning, it was to write about my experiences. I was born in a Muslim family but left the malignant religion at the age of nineteen.

Now, I mainly write to defend the West and to speak out against the current new wave of Islamic expansion. I've read about and lived in Islamic societies for over a decade. I know that Islam is utterly incompatible with the foundations of Western Civilization. People in the West have to understand the true, evil nature of their enemies. Islam is in a perpetual war with non-Muslims. At the very least, the Western nations must vote out their traitorous political elite and stop the importation of Muslims.

I'm against:

  • The Left
  • Socialism
  • Feminism
  • Social Justice
  • Globalism
  • Multiculturalism
  • Islam

I support:

  • The Alt-Right
  • Capitalism
  • Learning Game
  • Freedom of association
  • Nationalism
  • Western Civilization
  • Christianity

Sinister Media

Toronto Star:

While Canada rides a wave of global praise for welcoming Syrian refugees, a new poll suggests we’re also facing a wave of something sinister — Islamophobia.

Yeah, Canadians are famous for being rude and xenophobic.

“There is an epidemic of Islamophobia in Ontario. Only a third of Ontarians have a positive impression of the religion and more than half feel its mainstream doctrines promote violence (an anomaly compared to other religions),” said the 51-page survey to be released this week by the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants and advocacy group Mass Minority.

67% of Ontarians are not idiots. They can read history, follow the news and simply observe the thousands of terror-supporting, Sharia-loving Muslims living around them. Instead of facing the ugly reality of Islam, these bureaucrats turn around and call the majority of Canadians "sinister".

I wonder what the Toronto Star will write when ISIS members posing as Syrian immigrants commit mass murder in the heart of Toronto?

Welcoming Ruin


The German government, International Monetary Fund (IMF), and Deutsche Bank predicted the migrants would be an economic boon for the country. Much of the international media echoed these claims, saying many doctors and architects were among last year’s influx of immigration to Germany.

How many rapefugees have found jobs at the top firms?

Although the companies surveyed employ four million workers, FAZ reported that between them, they had only hired 54 migrants.

54 out of 1 million. That's 0.0054%. It was obvious that the German government, the IMF and Deutsche Bank lied. How so? Simple. Most of the rapefugees are illiterate.

The Kiel-based Institute for World Economics estimated that only two per cent of recent migrants to Germany are employable. Professor Ludger Wössmann, director of the Centre for the Economics of Education in Munich, said his research showed at least two thirds of migrants can’t read or write.

Robbers = Infidels

The Bangladeshi Muslims who slaughtered innocent people at a restaurant were fans of the good doctor:

Founder of Mumbai-based Islamic Research Foundation, Zakir Naik, has often courted controversy over his discourses where he derides other religions while highlighting the virtues of Islam.

In 2010, while answering a question about why he was banned from entering Britain, Naik had said it was because he exhorts all Muslims to be terrorists.

"I tell Muslims that every Muslim should be a terrorist. Terrorist means a person who terrorises. When a robber sees a policeman, he is terrified. So for a robber, a policeman is a terrorist. So in this context every Muslim should be a terrorist to the robber," Naik had said.

Can't argue with that.

Two Sicknesses Collide

Most Muslims are evil but many Westerners are wilfully blind

A GERMAN rape victim has admitted she lied about the descriptions of her three attackers because she did not want to encourage racism.

Selin Goren, a 24-year-old politician and refugee activist, was sexually assaulted by the group last January in the city of Mannheim.

However, despite the fact the men were Arabic in appearance, she told officers they were a “mixed group” of foreigners and locals and that they had all been speaking German.

Ask this woman a simple question: do you think that monsters who assault innocent women should be put in jail? Of course, she would shout, "Yes!"

Yet, here she is protecting the very creatures who, likely, went on to target other women in her nation. She lied. She committed a crime. She ought to be put behind bars as well.

She did tell them the real story, however, after she told her boyfriend what had happened that night and he convinced her to come clean.

I hope that guy dumped her later.

Death and Dishonor

Nothing says motherly love like choking your daughter:

Parveen Rafiq closed her hands around the neck of her youngest daughter, Zeenat, and squeezed and squeezed until the girl was almost dead.

Then, in the tiny apartment where the family lived, she doused the 18-year-old with kerosene and set her on fire.

Of course, this woman had a good reason for murdering her daughter:

Zeenat’s crime was marrying a childhood friend she loved, defying her widowed mother’s pressure for an arranged marriage and, in the mind of her mother and many of her neighbours, tarnishing her family’s honour.

Here's one more:

In the city of Abbottabad, a teenage girl was tortured, injected with poison and then strapped to the seat of a vehicle, doused with gasoline and set on fire. Her crime was helping a friend elope. A jirga, or council of local elders, ordered her killing and dictated the manner of her death. The vehicle was parked in a public place, outside a bus stop as a message to others.

Remember, this has nothing to do with Islam:

A law based on Islamic Shariah allows the family of a victim to forgive a killer, and in these cases the killers are almost always family. So other relatives, whether they condone the killing or not, give their forgiveness, unwilling to see loved ones jailed.

That's right. Muslims can slaughter their daughters in Pakistan and the Islamic government will simply look the other way.


Sharif [P.M. of Pakistan] has promised to introduce legislation making it harder for family members who kill their daughters to go unpunished. He has yet to do so.

Mordor under attack

Taking Arabia away from the Sauds? You have to start somewhere:

Suicide bombers struck three cities across Saudi Arabia on Monday, in an apparently coordinated campaign of attacks as Saudis prepared to break their fast on the penultimate day of the holy month of Ramzan.

I was surprised by this one:

In the only one of the three attacks that appeared to have caused many casualties, a suicide bomber detonated a bomb near the security headquarters of the Prophet's Mosque in Medina, the second-holiest site in Islam.

Makkah and Medina, the two holiest cities for Muslims, have some of the best protection of any place in Saudi Arabia. I've seen police openly carry assault rifles. Now to have the Jihadists attack the Sauds is quite an embarrassment for the security services.

It couldn't happen to a better bunch.

What a bonus

I'm a member of a reward points system for movies called Scene in Canada.


  1. Become a member.
  2. Pay for theatre movies and collect points.
  3. After a certain number of points have been collected, one can redeem them towards a free movie.

Well, today, I got an email from Scene. It says that if I buy advance tickets for Ghostbusters, then I'll get bonus scene points. Note, that I usually get such an email when there's a big chance that the upcoming movie will be a bomb.

Made my day.

Malice and Malevolence

Muslims are nourished on hatred for the infidels since birth. They are taught to be in a constant state of war with the non-believers. We see the consequences of their Jihad every day. What is less obvious is their "love" for their own kind.

Physical beatings of women and children are normal in the Islamic parts of the world. This is true in the schools, in public places, and at home. I've seen it countless times. Now, you can also taste the evil.

Recognizing evil

Gates of Vienna:

In his latest essay, our Norwegian correspondent The Observer draws some conclusions about Islam that can be derived from empirical observation, rather than theological or philosophical analysis.

Here's the beginning:

I watched a TV debate on Islam the other day. It was one of those standard discussions where the Muslim panellist blamed everyone but Islam and its adherents for the massive problems that exist wherever Islam has a noticeable presence, while the non-Muslim counterpart offered very tepid arguments to try to refute those claims.

Whenever I watch debates like this, it always amazes me that the non-Muslims have such difficulties in delivering clear and concise arguments describing the true nature of Islam. They are unable to do so in a manner that completely annihilates the insidious arguments offered by the supporters of Islam. Because it should be a pretty straightforward process for those who possess more than a basic knowledge of Islam to verbally eviscerate this pernicious ideology, to show how absurd it is to worship such a deviant philosophy and how absolutely outrageous it is for its followers to insist that their ideology is worthy of anyone’s respect.

He then goes on to present some arguments for those who debate Muslims.

I would like the infidels to ask one simple question of Muslims: Saudi Arabia (the birthplace of Islam) and Iran (the largest Shiite majority country) impose the most barbarous penalties for "crimes". Stoning and flogging for adultery, cutting off limbs for thievery, beheadings for drinkers of alcohol, the noose for homosexuals, etc. They do all this in the name of Islam.

If Islam is truly a peaceful religion, then why is it that literally hundreds of millions of Muslims outside of Saudi Arabia and Iran do not utter a word of protest against the defilement of their religion by these two satanic nation states?

The return of the clocksucker

Fox News:

Ahmed Mohamed, the Muslim teenager who made headlines last year when he was suspended for bringing a homemade clock to school in Irving, returned to the United States Monday afternoon.

Follow the money.

Ahmed’s family is still suing Irving ISD and Irving Police for $15 million in damages, according to Mohamed's uncle.

The best response to this little shit was by Stefan Molyneux.

Depraved alien culture

The New Yorker on modern Pakistan:

In 2013, for instance, a group of men murdered two teen-age girls and their mother after a video was posted online that showed the pair dancing in the rain. Such acts of extreme physical violence are more prevalent in Pakistan’s rural, conservative regions, but even in Karachi, a relatively progressive city, they are not unknown: in April, a man cut his sister’s throat in public after he saw her speaking on a mobile phone.

That's the Pakistani conservative-progressive spectrum. The cons kill girls for dancing in the rain and the progs almost behead girls for talking on the phone.

Here is an enlightening video of Dr. Zakir Naik who explains to us the prohibition of music and dancing in Islam.