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Delicious diversity

Muslim Girl:

Ilmfest is a festival held in many different cities from all over with keynote lectures, live performances, interviews, and talent shows. It is meant to engage the Muslim community. It is also supposed to be engaging to both male and female Muslims.


In a tale as old as time, the whole debacle originated when a woman voiced her grievances with the lack of female speakers attending the event on the Ilmfest 2016 Facebook page.

The slow-death-SJW-virus has spread to Muslim women.

Once again, instead of listening to the issues that actually matter to women, their voices were overshadowed with comments such as:

“All the female speakers are staying home making their husbands sandwiches, as they get more good deeds for doing that. You should use them as role models and do the same!”

(Laughs.) Stay home bitches. Allah commands it!

A lot of backlash to the feminist from Muslim men and women:

In reference to many stating they wouldn’t be attending the event due to the lack of female representation, comments such as, “Thank you for letting us know you won’t be attending. I’m sure this event will be a million times better without these feminists complaining instead of saying Alhamdullilah,” literally began to flood the feed.

The SJW girl is upset:

I find that whenever a Muslim woman begins to speak up about her rights, Muslim men stand up without hesitation reciting verses of how men and women were created differently with specific roles to each gender.

Excellent. Instead of trying to mold Islam, perhaps, you should simply leave it. I have a feeling you aren't going to take this elegant and sensible advice.

The more diverse an organization or workplace, the more successful the environment, and the greater possibility it strengthens groups. That is what the Muslim Ummah needs right now – diversity.

I approve: bring on the die-versity.


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