Oh Canada
"Are you kidding me!?"

Common sense = Savagery

UK Express:

In an astonishingly savage tirade the country’s leader Viktor Orban described the EU elite as serial “failures” and openly goaded struggling western European nations, describing them as “stagnated and incapable of change”.

The hardline Prime Minister called for a radical overhaul of the European project, decrying the growing loss of sovereignty to Brussels as a disaster and “one of the greatest threats in Europe today”.

And he issued a stunning rebuke to Mrs Merkel on migration, blaming recent terror attacks on the mass influx of refugees and saying Hungary no longer looked up to its near neighbour as a paragon of stability and common sense.

[Emphasis mine.]

Muslims have slaughtered over hundreds of innocent Europeans in the last few years. I doubt the media printed "savage" in that context. Of course, that word is definitely appropriate when a Western leader stands up against Islamic barbarism, the Euro elite and globalism.


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