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The Christian West is the greatest civilization on Earth

Sargon of Akkad: The Young Cultural Relativists.

Sargon briefly mentions the following criteria.

  1. Human Development Index: this one, by itself, is quite comprehensive since it includes life expectancy, education and GDP per capita.
  2. Internet access.
  3. Freedom of the press.
  4. Property rights.
  5. Women's security.
  6. LGBT rights.
  7. Child labor.
  8. Slavery.

All you need is your eyes to see how much better we (in the Western world) have it. Every year, just look at the literal millions of peoples from Muslim nations who want to escape their cruel, barbaric, corrupt, brutal, wicked, hells on earth and come to Western Europe, America, Canada or Australia. I know; I was one of them.

It's incredible to see the titanic levels of delusion and malice in people who refuse to say that the West is superior to the Islamic nations. For example, the Young Turds disagree. You see, the Turds think that the Trump supporters are just as bad as those who throw homosexuals off roof tops. One has to hear it to believe it. Just go to 15:18 in the video and listen. Such creatures are not ignorant. They are vile.


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