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Florence Taylor:

Two Christians and a Muslim have been sentenced to death for blasphemy in Pakistan.

Anjam Naz and Javed Naz, both Christians, and Jafar Ali, a Musilm, have been found guilty for insulting Prophet Muhammad by the Anti-Terrorism Court in Gujranwala, Punjab province.

This is the same country that nourished and aided the Taliban. After 9/11, Osama bin Laden found a safe haven in Pakistan. All those wicked humans were considered alright by this country. But speak a few words against Muhammad, DEATH!

Pakis protest against charlie hebdo

Offending such evil bastards is the least we can do.

1. The classic:

Procunt muhammad

2. Using cartoons as an excuse:

Excuses for evil

3. The winner:

Mohammad contest winner


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