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One for the Infidels

The ISIS "Kangaroo Goes Kaboom" plot is stopped by the Aussies:

An Australian teenager accused of discussing packing a kangaroo with explosives and setting it loose on police is facing life behind bars after pleading guilty Thursday to planning a terrorist act.

More details.

Australian prosecutors have alleged Besim also had online conversations about using the kangaroo during an attack. "They have a general discussion around animals and wildlife in Australia including a suggestion that a kangaroo could be packed with C4 explosive, painted with the ISIS symbol and set loose on police officers," the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported, citing court documents.

Link via Gateway Pundit.

Shut up or die

Florence Taylor:

Two Christians and a Muslim have been sentenced to death for blasphemy in Pakistan.

Anjam Naz and Javed Naz, both Christians, and Jafar Ali, a Musilm, have been found guilty for insulting Prophet Muhammad by the Anti-Terrorism Court in Gujranwala, Punjab province.

This is the same country that nourished and aided the Taliban. After 9/11, Osama bin Laden found a safe haven in Pakistan. All those wicked humans were considered alright by this country. But speak a few words against Muhammad, DEATH!

Pakis protest against charlie hebdo

Offending such evil bastards is the least we can do.

1. The classic:

Procunt muhammad

2. Using cartoons as an excuse:

Excuses for evil

3. The winner:

Mohammad contest winner

Future Darwin Award winner

How dumb can one be? This dumb:

A majority of Muslims around the world think that homosexuality is utterly immoral. About a dozen Islamic countries punish homosexuals with death. Ahmed should be logically consistent and simply leave Islam. Instead, he turns around to the very barbarians who would slaughter him and distances himself from the people of the West for their mere critique of Islam and Muslims.

Anyway, Ahmed got a barrage of tweets from his Muslim brothers and sisters. They were quite predictable:

The Impossible

Dalrock writes a fantastic post:

They think that by making him vacuum, dust, change diapers, or whatever, they will transfer the consuming feeling of resentment from themselves to their husbands**. But the source of the misery is in the woman’s own rejection of being a woman, in her own heart, not in anything inherent to the work itself. This is why it only makes wives more miserable when their husbands cheerfully do these very easy tasks. They wanted to make him suffer, to feel the shame (in their minds) of being a woman, but maddeningly he feels no such thing.

You can test all of this by offering suggestions to the next woman who complains to you that her husband doesn’t do enough housework.

That test almost always works regardless of what the women are whining about.

Moderates vs. Extremists

The view of a "Muslim moderate":

Last week on his daily televised show running throughout Ramadan, Dr. Ahmed al-Tayeb—who was recently invited to the Vatican and warmly embraced by Pope Francis and is described in Western media as a “moderate”—said that “Contemporary apostasy presents itself in the guise of crimes, assaults, and grand treason, so we deal with it now as a crime that must be opposed and punished.”

He's honest:

Sheikh al-Tayeb added what all Muslims know: “Those learned in Islam [al-fuqaha] and the imams of the four schools of jurisprudence consider apostasy a crime and agree that the apostate must either renounce his apostasy or else be killed.”

The "moderates" believe that apostates ought to be killed. The "extremists" kill them. This is why Islam and the majority of Muslims are evil. The extremists have tremendous moral support among Muslims.

Not entertained

Jesse Williams:

We've been floating this country on credit for centuries, and we're done watching and waiting while this invention called whiteness uses and abuses us, burying black people out of sight out of mind while extracting our culture, our dollars, our entertainment like oil, like black gold, ghettoizing and demeaning our creations and stealing them, gentrifying our genius and trying us on like costumes before discarding our bodies like rinds of strange fruit.

I've read that twice very carefully. I don't get it. What the hell is this clown trying to say?

Fast and Furious: Ramadan rules

A waitress is struck in the face by a Muslim in France.
Her crime? Serving alcohol to customers.

A Christian salesman is assaulted by a gang of Muslims in Pakistan.
His crime? Selling "unclean" ice cream.

Fifty men are arrested by the police in Saudi Arabia.
Their crime? Sporting strange haircuts and necklaces.

A diabetic person was beaten up by a mob of people in Morocco.
His crime? Drinking water.

All these cases of justice were brought to you by the "moderate" Muslims.
The hardcore guys don't mess around.

A man kills his own brother in Kuwait.
His crime? Not praying.

Killing the Canine

It's normal to see a few owners with their dogs walking outside every day here in Canada. A couple of the dogs are happy to see me because they love the free attention. This wasn't always normal. I lived in Saudi Arabia for almost fifteen years and I never saw a single dog there.

Why? Just read Bare Naked Islam:

Dog lovers in central Iran are in an uproar after authorities began confiscating their pet dogs in an apparent crackdown on the “vulgar Western culture” of canine ownership, Iranian media reported. Iran’s government considers keeping pet dogs un-Islamic, because per the prophet Muhammad’s orders, most dogs were to be killed and all dogs of a specific color (black) had to be killed.

What happens to the dogs when they're caught:

Stray dogs are shot to death in residential streets by city workers, while others are buried alive after being thrown into deeply dug grave-pits. Then government worker randomly shoots at helpless dogs, which leave many injured. Howling and whimpering the dogs are buried alive.

Islamic savagery:

In many instances, Iranian officials inject acid into stray dogs causing a slow, agonizing death. The dogs and puppies scream in excruciating pain as their internal organs and tissues are chemically burned with the acid.

This is how the Muslim government of Iran treats innocent dogs:

These barbarians will burn.

Rotten to the core

When I lived in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, I used to read a weekly magazine called Akhbar-e-Jehan. Transliterated, it means newspaper of the world. Anyway, it always had an entertaining Q&A section. People would write in with their questions and the author would provide the proper Islamic answers.

Muslims are told to pray five times a day. Before each prayer, they have to make sure that they are clean. This process is called wudu. Now, if a Muslim remains clean, then he doesn't have to perform wudu again for the next prayer of the day. So, what can make a Muslim unclean? That was one of the questions in the Q&A section. 

Many reasons were provided. The ones I remember: using the washroom, touching a menstruating woman, and coming in contact with urine, feces, dogs or infidels. That's right. Non-muslims (at the same level of excrement) are so filthy that a simple touch, like a handshake, nullifies the physical cleanliness of a Muslim. 

So, this is not a surprise:

The preacher, Kerim Ucar, was initially called in for a conversation over his sons’ involvement in brawls at the Platanus School in the Berlin district of Pankow. The female teacher tried to greet the father with a handshake, but Ucar rejected the gesture citing religious reasons.

According to RBB24, the imam, a conservative Shiite who’s been living in Germany for 15 years, instead placed his hand on his heart, saying that was the highest possible way for him to greet a woman. The teacher however insisted on a handshake, claiming the imam should “adapt to the German culture.”

The teacher doth have a sense of humor.

After Ucar repeatedly rejected the handshake, the teacher broke up the meeting, accusing the father of disrespect. “The action of the teacher was intended, it is based on prejudice. This is disrespect for the beliefs of others and xenophobia. We were discriminated [against] and insulted because of our religion. We also have been deeply hurt personally. And all this in front of our son,” Ucar is quoted as saying by the RBB24.

The imam believes in a religion that considers every non-Muslim to be rotten and dirty. Then, turns around and says that he was disrespected.

Dumb and Dumber

Chris Tomlinson:

Federal Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble has made it clear that he does not support a securing or closing of the borders of Germany for various reasons, including what he believes may be the downfall of the German people: inbreeding.

Does this guy know the meaning of that word? What utter nonsense. The "solution" to this "problem" is even dumber:

According to Mr. Schäuble mass migration is a great opportunity for Germans to become more diverse as a people, especially the mass migration of Muslims: “For us, Muslims in Germany are an enrichment of our openness and our diversity,” Tagesspiegel reports.

Of course, let's open the doors to the very people who are actually inbreeding. Arabs and Pakistanis have zero qualms about marrying their first and second cousins. Often, the couple don't have a choice in the matter; their families simply arrange the marriage.

For example, just look at Britain:

First-cousin marriages, which are are legal in the UK, are practised within Britain’s Pakistani community, as well as among some Arab and African families. Medical data previously suggested that while British Pakistanis were responsible for 3 per cent of all births, they accounted for 30 per cent of British children born with a genetic illness.

The population of Germany is over 80 million. High-IQ Germans marrying other non-related high-IQ Germans is not inbreeding. It's simply smart policy.

The halaal kill list

Neil Munro:

Americans are being marked for murder whenever their names appear on the annual list of so-called “Islamophobes” posted by the jihad-linked Council on American Islamic Relations, say two Americans on CAIR’s 2016 enemies list.

That's the whole point. To intimidate and shut up people.

Go to hell

Infidels, get this through your head: any criticism of Islam is unacceptable. Any criticism of this perfect religion is a vile insult. There is only one punishment. Death!

Kill kill kill

Understand that this isn't limited to cartoons. Any person who says words, writes text or makes a video that is critical of Islam is worthy of death in the eyes of Muslims.

The report lists a series of domestic enemies of Islam, its portrays them as mentally ill phobics, and also conflates occasional attacks and vandalism against Muslim people and buildings with various forms of democratic criticism of Islam. For example, comedian Bill Maher is on the list.

The people who idolise the Procunt Muhammad (an evil man who was a slave-owner, a paedophile, a Jew-hater, and a genocidal monster) don't like Bill Maher.

Maher should be proud.

Rude infidels

English translation of a Swedish site:

Al-Hadi youth in Stockholm criticized in the media for having invited the imam Farrokh Sekaleshfar, who advocates the death penalty for homosexuals. Now the association refuses to renounce Sekaleshfar opinions and accuses the media to engage in a "dirt" campaign.

Here's a Muslim imam who -- consistent with his religion -- advocated death for homosexuals. The Muslim youth in Sweden invited this evil man to speak. Notice that these young Muslims don't even bother denying the death penalty for homosexuals. They just change the subject by pointing at the media and saying, "You're so mean!"

The Iron Bubble

So, a massive 0.1% of his friends voted to Leave while the largely sane society voted 52%.

I've noticed that leftists are often dumbfounded when they are exposed to the logically sound arguments of the libertarian and nationalist right. The leftists can't really respond to them in a coherent manner because they haven't been exposed to such views. They just live in their cocoon and utter their inane talking points all the time.

Milo has likely experienced this multiple times.


The Guardian:

Will it be a leave or a remain vote? Whether it’s Brexit or the status quo, follow our live results tracker for the results of polling as they come in.

I just checked the results so far. Leave is at 50.2% with 3.3 million votes counted. So close!

Now, Leave at 52%. The Pound is crashing. Gold price spiked by 7%.

The stock markets are set for a bloodbath when they open soon.

One could have made a lot of money in a few hours.

Excusing evil

PC Europe Now Blaming Women for Provoking Muslim Rapists.

A Muslim man who almost killed his 25-year-old German victim while raping her -- to shouts of “Allah!” -- asked if she enjoyed it afterwards.

Another Muslim migrant said that “German girls are just there for sex.”

In Austria, an “Arabic-looking man” approached a 27-year-old woman at a bus stop, pulled down his pants, and “all he could say was sex, sex, sex,” until the woman screamed and he fled.

Everybody knows that infidel bitches are always DTF.

Just as the Left has struggled long and hard to portray Islamic intolerance, violence, and terrorism as the West’s fault -- because of the Crusades, because of colonialism, because of Israel, because of cartoons, because of freedom of speech, etc. -- the left now adds “Western promiscuity” to the list of things that provoke Muslims to acts of violence, and worse.

As long as you are a breathing non-Muslim, you will "provoke" these Muslim savages. The useful idiots refuse to acknowledge this reality and instead blame the victims.

Anything but Islam

Heat Street:

I was a citizen of the Islamic republic, a country whose citizens ask fervently for the implementation of Sharia—or Islamic law—that demands sodomites like me (and some of you) should be put to death “by stoning, by being thrown off a high point, or by toppling a dilapidated building.”

This made me loathe Islam—the bloodlust, the hatred, the hypocrisy. While in Pakistan, I renounced Islam but kept my mouth shut. I had to be silent or I would have been silenced. Killing me would have been a double treat for a Muslim jihadi. Not only that I was a sexual deviant but an apostate, who, according to Islam, deserves nothing but death.

In the West, we debate about legalising gay marriage but:

The only debate in Islam about homosexuality is that how a homosexual should be killed.

Most of the Western world still has its head in the sand.

I applied for and gained asylum in the United States, and I joined academia. [...] I wanted to tell my story as a cautionary tale, but was shunned and silenced. I was told that I don’t understand the intricacies of Islam. I was told that I have inherited Islamophobia from my imperialist masters. I was told that I am Fox News. Islam was never at fault, they told me—it’s all about poverty, disenfranchisement, Western imperialism, a reaction against white cisgender colonialism, even global warming. But it was never about Islam.

The evil Islamic reign of terror has lasted over a thousand years but somehow this simple, historical truth is repeatedly ignored by "the intellectuals".

Refusing to recognise evil

The Maha Moron:

Gandhi wanted the victims of Nazism to remain courageous, and to adopt positive non-violence -the strength not to use force- in dealing with the killers. In 1938, just after Kristallnacht, when the Nazis systematically destroyed Germany’s and Austria’s synagogues, Gandhi wrote these shameful words where he urged Europe’s Jews to joyfully accept the Nazi onslaught:

“If I were a Jew and were born in Germany … I would claim Germany as my home even as the tallest gentile German may, and challenge him to shoot me or cast me in the dungeon. … And suffering voluntarily undergone will bring them an inner strength and joy. … The calculated violence of Hitler may even result in a general massacre of the Jews by way of his first answer to the declaration of such hostilities. But if the Jewish mind could be prepared for voluntary suffering, even the massacre I have imagined could be turned into a day of thanksgiving and joy that Jehovah had wrought deliverance of the race even at the hands of the tyrant.”

There is no question about the meaning:

The Jewish-American journalist Louis Fischer, wrote a biography titled The Life of Mahatma Gandhi, which was used as the basis for the Richard Attenborough’s Academy Award-winning film Gandhi (1982). Fisher asked him: “You mean that the Jews should have committed collective suicide?” Gandhi responded: “Yes, that would have been heroism.”

A similar case is playing out in America today:

The best advice the Attorney General of the United States can provide on how to respond to terrorism is that we should offer a little love and compassion.

Brutal Islamic jihadists with an end goal of global conquest are killing Christians (including beheading children) and raping Yazidi girls and burning them alive if they refuse their captors. The lives of the families of the victims of 9/11 were forever changed. The Islamic State has called on its followers to wreak terror on America, and an Islamic jihadist just gunned down innocent people in Orlando.

Islamic terrorists don't need love. They just need a little killing.

Yield Not To Submission

Washington Post via Jihad Watch:

For centuries, the Kalash community has lived trouble-free alongside their Muslim neighbors. But all that changed last week when a 15-year-old girl wandered away from her family and ended up at an Islamic seminary.

According to police and local officials, Rina showed up at the seminary and said she wanted to convert to Islam. The local cleric embraced her and started reading her the Koran. After a few hours, the cleric declared that Rina had converted to Islam, which entails reciting a pledge that there is “no God but Allah. The prophet Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.”

This won't end well.

The next morning, according to police, Rina’s parents and other members of the Kalash tribe went looking for her. They found her at the seminary and demanded that she return home, noting she is only in the ninth grade and too young to leave her parents.

What happened next underscores the combustible role that religion can play in rural Pakistan. There often is no safe way for a Muslim person in Pakistan to abandon Islam.

Often? Does this mean that sometimes there's a safe way to leave Islam in Pakistan? I would love to hear how.

A fight broke out. As stones and punches were thrown, the fighting quickly escalated into a bloody battle involving hundreds of villagers.

“The Muslims living in the area said nobody is allowed to go back to his or her old religion after embracing Islam,” said Asif Iqbal, the local police chief. “According to the Muslim faith, if someone tries to apostate, he or she could be killed.”

Indeed, throughout history, many branches of Islam have considered apostasy a capital offense. A 2013 study by the Pew Research Center found that 62 percent of Pakistanis believe that leaving Islam should be punishable by death.

The population of Pakistan is around 190 million. This means that almost 120 million Muslims in just one country believe that apostates ought to be slaughtered. These aren't "lone wolves", or "the radicals" or "the fringe", or "the extremists"; these are, by definition, your normal, average Muslims.

The world would be a better place when we have zero Muslims left. I've already decreased their total by one. Let's hope that more of them can successfully break the chains.

That Krazy Kuntzman!

Larry Correia:

After the wildly successful feature where ace reporter Gersh Kuntzman gave us the straight scoop on what it is like to shoot the terrifying AR-15 “Black Mamba Star Killer Base” rifle, we here at the New York Daily News are happy to present our new feature ASK KUNTZMAN!

Damn, I'm all out of popcorn.

Dear Kuntzman, big fan. I am trying to go green in order to save the Earth. Dying polar bears make me sad. Should I buy a Toyota Prius?

– Carbon Neutral in Carson City

Dear Carbon, I drove a Prius once and it changed me forever. As soon as I climbed inside the minimalist brutalist interior of this carbon fiber Japanese death machine it was as if I was driving a monster truck. I pushed start. The engine was a throaty roar like a thousand nuclear jet bombers. I immediately soiled my trousers to prevent this beast of the land of hentai from raping me. Tentacles are NOT OKAY. In my haste to escape, I touched a lever, and the windshield wipers began beating like a reaper’s sickle threshing horror. Trying to reach the escape handle, I struck a phallus-like pole, and lights began to blink. Blink. Blink. A light. A terrible, red, light! BLINK BLINK! Shrieking and flailing, I clutched desperately at the door, and tumbled, helpless, into the street. In the cold New York City rain, I lay there helpless and soiled in the gutter. The terrifying Prius looming over me, asserting its alpha dominance, and I crawled away. Forever.

Also, you may want to check out the new Nissan Leaf.

That's some richly deserved -- and delivered -- mocking.

Eat, Drink, Get Crucified


Fighters from the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) are crucifying residents “every day” for violating fasting rules during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, according to a monitoring group.

What exactly are these fasting rules?

Fasting norms during Ramadan dictate that worshippers do not consume food or drink during daylight hours. ISIS is punishing those caught breaking these rules.

ISIS is killing people who dare to eat or drink during the day.

Warped reporting

Daily Mail: Chilling pictures show ISIS militants savagely stoning four married men to death for 'committing adultery' in Iraq.

Of course, we have to be reminded that this is absolutely, positively, like totally not part of Islamic law:

The images show blindfolded prisoners praying on the floor next to a pile of rocks before they are executed under the terror group's warped interpretation of sharia law.

[Emphasis mine.]

It's not their interpretation that is warped, it's Islam itself. 

Anyway, who needs Finding Dory when you've got public executions.

They are surrounded by a huge crowd including children who have gathered for the chilling spectacle, believed to be somewhere near the Tigris river in Iraq.

The mythical religion of peace

CIJ News:

CIJnews has learned that some Islamic private schools in Canada use textbooks produced by the Saudi Ministry of Education. Textbooks obtained by CIJnews contain chapters dealing with the wisdom of the capital punishments in Islam in cases of major sins. In two textbooks for the school year 2014 and 2015-16, homosexuality is depicted as a “major sin” and as “one of the most heinous sins” punishable by death for both partners to the sexual act. The punishment is similar to that inflicted on the people of Lut, meaning by stoning and/or by fire.

The punishment for homosexuals is part of a much greater evil:

The textbook also teaches that adultery is punishable in case a married man / woman are involved by stoning to death, and theft in certain conditions and terrorizing people by chopping off limbs.

Politically correct = Factually wrong

Toronto Sun:

The mantra was and remains that we must not allow state sponsored homophobia to translate into Islamophobia. This was a core message of the Toronto vigil held this week. The politically correct gay culture has instead fought to selectively condemn the one country in the Mideast that protects its sexual minorities, holds gay pride parades, and gives full rights to its LGBT citizens — Israel.

There was a group called "Gays for Palestine" which made about as much sense as "Negroes for the KKK".

But it remains willfully ignorant or indifferent to the brutal treatment of gays in many Muslim countries. This Alice in Wonderland world of gay political correctness may be about to experience a radical change after Orlando.

We'll see.

Halaal science


Immorality among women is causing a river in Iran to dry up, according to a senior cleric from the Islamic Republic Seyyed Youssef Tabatabi-nejad, who leads Friday prayers in Isfahan, encouraged the country’s morality police to crack down on ‘improper veiling’ and suggested women’s immodest clothing was having an impact on the environment.

He can't be that stupid.

In a sermon this week, he said: “My office has received photos of women next to the dry Zayandeh-rud River pictured as if they are in Europe. It is these sorts of acts that cause the river to dry up even further,” ISNA News Agency reported.

He is. Perhaps, he has inadvertently figured out the solution to "climate change": women in garbage bags.

A tiny distinction

John C. Wright:

If we are lying, our desire to bring you into our Church has some sinister hidden motive, but you are still alive. If they [left wing media / government] are lying, their desire to protect Muslims and disarm you means you are coughing up blood in immense pain as you breath your last breath, and the last thing you see is your killer dancing in joy, blood splattered on his clothing from chin to boots. And the last words you hear are praises of Allah.

Christians wish to save sinners. Muslims kill them.

Enemy of the West

The Guardian:

Boko Haram militants have killed 24 people, mostly women, as they mourned at a funeral in a village in northern Nigeria, looting and burning their houses down.

Boko Haram means that Western education is sinful. However, slaughtering thousands is totally halaal. The main difference between them and ISIS is the geography.

[...] the latest attacks show that the rebels, who want to create a hardline Islamic state in north-east Nigeria, still have the capacity to strike. At least 20,000 people have been killed and more than 2.6 million people forced from their homes since the insurgency began in 2009.

Are you not entertained?

Google translation of a Dutch language article at Vlad Tepes:

In the night between Saturday and Sunday (12 – 13 June) were city busses in the Dutch city of Haarlem pelted by heavy paving stones. A 25 y.o. passenger was hit and brought to the hospital with head injury. The window panes of the bus were broken to pieces.

Such are the exciting nocturnal activities of Muslim youths. Look on the bright side: they're not raping anyone.

I would spend part of my university summers breaks in Saudi Arabia. My siblings there still had to attend school in May and June. One day my mom asked me to go out and escort my younger brother from his school bus stop. I was a bit confused since that was just two blocks away. Basically, a two-minutes walk if you're lazy.

My mom explained that some Arab kids use my nine-years-old Pakistani brother as target practice. They throw stones at him. If Muslims treat their own coreligionists with such compassion and tolerance, then the infidels are royally fucked.

The Christian West is the greatest civilization on Earth

Sargon of Akkad: The Young Cultural Relativists.

Sargon briefly mentions the following criteria.

  1. Human Development Index: this one, by itself, is quite comprehensive since it includes life expectancy, education and GDP per capita.
  2. Internet access.
  3. Freedom of the press.
  4. Property rights.
  5. Women's security.
  6. LGBT rights.
  7. Child labor.
  8. Slavery.

All you need is your eyes to see how much better we (in the Western world) have it. Every year, just look at the literal millions of peoples from Muslim nations who want to escape their cruel, barbaric, corrupt, brutal, wicked, hells on earth and come to Western Europe, America, Canada or Australia. I know; I was one of them.

It's incredible to see the titanic levels of delusion and malice in people who refuse to say that the West is superior to the Islamic nations. For example, the Young Turds disagree. You see, the Turds think that the Trump supporters are just as bad as those who throw homosexuals off roof tops. One has to hear it to believe it. Just go to 15:18 in the video and listen. Such creatures are not ignorant. They are vile.

DePaul fallout

Return of Kings on the resignation of DePaul University president:

Amazingly, despite the fact that they succeeded in shutting down an event that Milo and the College Republicans had paid for and had every right to hold, DePaul’s leftists still weren’t happy. The DePaul Black Leadership Coalition were incensed by Holtschneider’s apology, offended by the fact that he even allowed the speech to take place.

If only the SJWs had their Gulag for those who apologised.

As he resigns, he’s accomplished the truly remarkable feat of pissing off both leftists and conservatives and pleasing no one.

One must have a heart of stone to not laugh.

Two evils; so happy together

Birgit Kelle (Google translation from German):

The Mayor of London has banned sexist advertising. In Germany, there are similar plans.

Yeah, ban those sexist ads. Then, import barbarians from sexist cultures.

It's great to see how in Europe finally develop uniform standards for how women can still look and what they wear. Yes, that must this real emancipation and freedom to be, which we always hear so much. And great as the women friends of Islam and Western feminism have finally found a common line.

Feminism + Islam. A marriage made in hell.



A Muslim Police Chief Inspector for Greater Manchester has indicated that, according to his understanding, “Freedom of speech does not mean freedom of offending culture, religion or tradition”.

The UK police are doing a fine job.

Just this week, a man from North Lanarkshire was arrested and detained for making a comedy video of his dog acting like a Nazi. According to the Daily Mail, police said the arrest should be a warning that videos which cause offence will not be tolerated.

That's a headline: Nazi pigs jail Nazi dog.

2022 should be fun


A court in Qatar has convicted a Dutch woman of having sex outside marriage after she told police she was raped. The 22-year-old was handed a suspended sentence and fined $824 (£580). She will also be deported.

The fine is a nice touch. 

All those brain-dead feminists crying about the mythical rape culture on American college campuses are mysteriously quiet about the real and vicious injustice to women in the Islamic parts of the world. Makes one wonder if they actually care about women at all?

Your moderate muslim

Western Journalism:

During the interview, Taubah, formerly known as Marcus Robertson, said he would not condemn stoning women who commit adultery. “I do not condemn that. Do you condemn someone getting the electric chair for whatever crime they get the electric chair for?” he said.

It gets better:

“As a Muslim I object to Hillary Clinton,” he said. “I don’t believe a woman should be the president of a nation. As our prophet … taught us, whenever a woman is in charge there’s going to be problems. What if she’s on her menses and it’s time to go to war, is she going to press the button because she’s angry?”

Baby steps

Robert Spencer:

People often puzzle about how the hard Left and Islamic supremacists can make common cause, when they have such differing ideas of morality. Here is how: the Left’s concern with “body-shaming” and not putting people “under pressure over body image” coincides perfectly with the Sharia imperative to force women to cover themselves in order to remove occasions of temptation for men. What next? Will London women be forced to cover everything except their face and hands (as per Muhammad’s command) so as not to put others “under pressure over body image”?

London voted in a Muslim. Life is tough. It's tougher when you're stupid.

Can you feel the peace?

Stephen Knight:

I’ve previously wondered what horrors I might uncover were I able to see what the Arabic speaking world were saying about atheists on Twitter. Well, thanks to the good work of Twitter user @Ahmedaa1k, I need wonder no more. And it’s not good news. Please note, Ahmed is not the individual making these statements, but the one translating them. Here are some Arabic responses to the hash tag ‘atheism is not a crime’.

Over a decade ago, this wouldn't have been possible. Now, with the advent of smartphones and cheap bandwidth, we all get to see the ugly truth about the average Muslim in the Arab world. Here is just one sample:

Feel the peace

So eloquently self-contradictory and evil.

Anything but Islam

John C. Wright:

Note to newsmen: I am listening to the news. This is news given on conservative talk radio, not MSNBC, but the news is shameless. The anchor is discussing in a solemn baritone that no one knows why the gunman did it, or what his motive was. This is after the story broke where the FBI admitted the shooter’s ties to Islam, and after the shooter’s call to 911, where he swore allegiance to the Islamic State, was told to the public.

I couldn't have a better reply:

Dear newsmen: Shut your lying, two-tongued, oily, deception-dripping serpentine maws, you soulless candidates for the position of the Mouth of Sauron.

Cracked Catholic

Jihad Watch:

Along comes Florida Bishop Robert Lynch to absolve Islamic Jihadist ideology that threatens our public safety, and endeavors to force terror and subjugation among us.

Lynch stated in a blogpost “that Catholicism “targets” and “often breeds contempt for gays, lesbians and transgender people.” The seed of contempt, he said, turns into hatred, “which can ultimately lead to violence.” Unless this attitude changes, he states, “we can expect more Orlandos.””

A Catholic bishop blames his own religion for the actions of the follower of the Procunt Muhammad. Sadly, there is no cure for stupid.

Ban Shun!

The Telegraph:

A policeman and his wife were killed in a frenzied knife attack at their home in a Paris suburb on Monday night by a man who reportedly shouted “Allahu Akhbar”.

Robert Spencer has the proper response:

This Muslim killed the policeman and his wife with a knife. Clearly we need knife control.

Look at this assault knife:

Fuck you Shun

The knife makers and those who sell them have blood on their hands.

Contained carnage

Most people here in Canada support gun control. I've had conversations about self-defense with a few co-workers who say that one should call the cops when in danger. I gave them Detroit as an example; the average wait time for the police is just a few minutes shy of one hour!

The people in the pulse had it much worse.

Some time between when the shooting started at 2:02 AM and when the police finally entered the building around 5:00 AM, the terrorist shot 103 people (50 killed, 53 wounded). The news reports are calling this a hostage standoff, but the reports from people inside are that the shooting started right away. Based on the available reports, it appears that the police left an unknown number of shooting victims to bleed out for three hours before entering the building.

Think about that. A man with guns and ammo is slaughtering dozens of innocents while the police provide him three precious hours to do so. Calling the police did absolutely nothing for them. This is an argument for more guns -- not less.

Islam is evil

Milo Yiannopoulos:

Over 100 people have been killed or maimed at a gay dance club in Orlando by Omar Mateen, a Muslim terrorist. How many more innocent gays need to die before we admit that America, and the world, has an Islam problem?

Too many.

Churchill, and others, warned of a similar problem in the early 1930s. They were mocked as warmongers by most of the politicians and the public. You see, it is comfortable to criticise good men. It is easy to willfully ignore evil. It takes courage to confront it.

The cowardly tolerance of wickedness has bitter fruits:

Gays executed in nightclubs. Cartoonists lying in pools of blood. Women abused en masse.

Muslims have been at war with the kufaar for over fourteen hundred years. In an age of biological, chemical and nuclear weapons, the largely sleeping West will accept that fact after an ocean of blood has been needlessly spilled.