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Can't spell diversity without die

Supreme Dark Lord of the Evil Legion of Evil:

When I lived in Japan, the Japanese openly referred to blacks as "monkeys" and made it clear that they were not even "gaijin". And the Chinese superiority complex is considerably more entrenched than any of the European ones ever were; they still consider Europeans to be technologically advanced barbarians.

In the Arab world, the word for a black person is "slave". Now, this isn't a word used by a tiny minority of racists. That is simply the Arabic vocabulary. Arabs dislike outsiders in general but they have a special loathing for Blacks (second only to Jews).

It's amusing to read about bleeding heart progressives who love minorities like Hispanics, Blacks, and Muslims and who have no problem with importing millions of such peoples. Hispanics hate Blacks. Muslims consider anyone with dark skin to be a lowly slave. Also, Muslims loath infidels by default and Hispanics are largely Christians.

Yeah, this is going to end well.


Nate Whilk

Welcome back! Yes, I use feedly and I haven't cleaned up my blog list for some time! :)

Isaac Schrödinger

(Laughs.) That worked out for me. Thanks.

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