Me So Victim
The outrage is outrageous

The Longest War

Roger Simon:

Accusing the umma (world Islamic population) of encouraging the hostility of the entire world, al-Sisi’s speech is so dramatic and essentially revolutionary it brings to mind Khrushchev’s famous speech exposing Stalin. Many have called for a reformation of Islam, but for the leader of the largest Arab nation to do so has world-changing implications.

It won't work. Islam spread through merciless warfare. To reject Jihad is to reject Muhammad and his example. That's a big no no in Islam. Simply saying this can get one killed.

However, there is one positive in the speech: the rejection of the idea that Muslims are victims! The reaction from the West -- the growing Nationalism in Europe -- is just that: a reaction. When Muslims migrate to the West and bring their barbaric ways with them, then any Westerner with balls is going to oppose them. It is the West that is being victimized by this low-level war. This constant immigration with absolutely no intention of integrating into the broader culture.


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