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Tambi Dude provides this link to an article which describes the history of anti-Ahmadi sentiment in Pakistan.

It's strange to meet non-Pakistani people in Canada who used to live and work in Pakistan in the 1960s and the 1970s. During that time, relatively speaking, Pakistan was doing better than India. Why? Religious hatred in Pakistan hadn't been fully ignited and India was being economically broken through dumb socialist policies.

It seems that Pakistan has been on a frightening downward trajectory since I was born: more religious oppression and less economic freedom. So much so that Pakistan started exporting its hatred; The Taliban in Afghanistan being the prime example.

The leader of the Ahmadis isn't doing himself any favors. After years and years of subjugation in Muslim lands around the world, he stands up and diplomatically lectures the West (!) for hurting the feelings of Muslims. To make matters worse, he showcases his totalitarian streak by calling for the criminalization of speech that wounds Muslims. What a hypocritical ass. Only in the West, can he stand in front of a crowd and freely speak his mind. The Saudis won't even let him enter the heart of Islam.


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