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Tambi Dude provides this link:

Anti-Ahmadi sentiment is so pervasive among Pakistanis that even members of the community who should be hailed as national heroes are vilified. Extremists deleted the word “Muslim” from the gravestone of Abdus Salam, an Ahmadi and theoretical physicist whose work provided evidence of the Higgs boson’s existence; his family had had it inscribed with “the first Muslim Nobel laureate.” Salam had been systematically shunned and eventually banned from lecturing at public universities because of his religious beliefs.

Think about that. This guy becomes the first Muslim, Nobel prize winner in a scientific field. There are more than a billion Muslims in the world and yet none of them can claim an honor or accolade greater than what was earned by Abdus Salam.

Is he celebrated? Is he held up as a role model? Not even close. Muslims in Pakistan don't even learn his name in history books. Thugs go out and vandalize his grave. Even in death, he doesn't find peace.

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