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Window 8 annoys

Windows 8 and its flaws:

The Windows 8 UI is completely flat in what used to be called the "Metro" style and is now called the "Modern UI." There's no pseudo-3D or lighting model to cast subtle shadows that indicate what's clickable (because it looks raised above the rest) or where you can type (because it looks indented below the page surface).

I haven't used the new OS but I've noticed this glaring flaw of Windows 8 in review videos. When users open a screen, everything looks flat and similar; it's impossible to see what is clickable and what is not.

I usually have to do some of my work at home. I prefer doing that on my desktop PC. The screen real estate is such a nice luxury. Unfortunately, Microsoft redesigned Windows for tablets and sacrificed the advantages inherent with large monitors.

The situation is much worse on regular PCs, particularly for knowledge workers doing productivity tasks in the office. This used to be Microsoft's core audience, and it has now thrown the old customer base under the bus by designing an operating system that removes a powerful PC's benefits in order to work better on smaller devices.

Why did Microsoft even have to subtract the ability to open and view multiple windows at once? They could have given the users the option of using the classic (Windows 7) way of dealing with windows.


Snake Oil Baron

Yeah, I guess that when MS got into console gaming it was the first shoe and tablets are the second shoe--MS is trying to kill off the PC. Maybe it wants to just focus on content sale and delivery.

At any rate, I seem to think that that Unix/Linux/Ubanto/Burundi whatchamacallit is good enough now to use with Windows 8 as a fallback for MS exclusive software. Next PC I get will have both and I will try to only buy non MS software when possible. Now if people can start developing software that takes advantage of a PC with Linux communicating with tablet and phone apps...


I bought an HP TouchSmart, and foolishly downloaded the Windows 8 Beta. Only to find that it's an ordeal to go back to the original Windows 7. Maybe I should just get Ubuntu.

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