They deserve to be hanged
Total confusion

RACISSS future

Isn't it, er, odd that the election of Obama has coincided with the increased racializing of American politics?

Race has been damn productive for the career of B. Obama, President of the United States.

Indeed. The previous Democratic president was a former governor, a very knowledgable guy and a smooth speaker. Obama is black, cool, black, gives away free stuff!, black, cool and black. Obama is a lightweight who utilized white guilt and the color of his skin to the fullest. His legacy will be an exploding public debt, the Great Depression 2.0 and an Islamist axis spanning numerous nations in Asia and Africa.


Maybe, just maybe, the GOP should, on the rare occasions when it has power, do something about, say, affirmative action. Of maybe it should mention during the Presidential campaign that it will nominate judges skeptical of racial preferences. Who knows? The GOP might even go all crazy and run a TV commercial showing your job application being crumpled up because you are the wrong race?

But, but, it's only "racist" when non-whites* get punished because of their race.

* This group includes Jews and Asians--the smart ones.


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