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T20I no. 288

It's so rare to see the Australian cricket team get annihilated.

So lopsided was West Indies' obliteration of Australia in the second semi-final of the World Twenty20, the victors had near enough to 13 overs to bask in their looming progress to the final against Sri Lanka. Matthew Wade's departure in the eighth over of Australia's reply to 205 for 4 left George Bailey's team at a forlorn 43 for 6.

Can Sri Lanka stop Gayle on Sunday? They won't be victorious if they don't.


Tambi Dude

Dude, T20 is a lottery. There is no concept of better side winning. If a strong team like what Aus was a decade ago or what WI was in 80s plays 10 ODIs against a weak side like India, chances of result of 10-0 or 9-1 in their favor is very high. With T20 it can be 6-4,5-5 either way :)

In Delhi we say lappa for someone who just swings his bat. All it takes is few lusty blows from a lappa and the match can swing either way.

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